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September 16, 2021 (Calendar)
City Builder
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Looking for a small, scary game to sink your teeth into? Look no further than Bloodwash.

The brainchild of Henry Hoare and Jordan King, Bloodwash is a giallo-inspired horror game that oozes with the presentation style of a lo-fi, video nasty horror film. Play as Sara, a pregnant college student forced to do her laundry at a seedy laundromat on the wrong side of town. Unfortunately for Sara a killer is on the loose, known as the 'Womb Ripper' who murders women who are pregnant. 

Will Sara be able to avoid the killer, and get her laundry done on time? Featuring PlayStation 1 -styled graphics and a number of small visual details, Bloodwash is a unique horror game that will certainly get the blood pumping. 

Bloodwash is available for PC and itch-io.


Developer Quote

BLOODWASH is a giallo-inspired laundry horror game with low-poly, PS1-style graphics.

Sara is a pregnant college student living with her alcoholic boyfriend in a run-down apartment complex. To make matters worse, a serial killer targeting pregnant women, the Womb Ripper, is terrorizing the city. One night, the washing machine in the basement breaks down. A helpful neighbor tells Sara about a 24-hour laundromat on the outskirts of town. What she finds there might claim her life!

Crusty PS1-style graphics.
Narrative-focused horror experience.
Giallo-inspired plot.
First-person so anything can sneak up on you.
Drenched with gore.
Play in normal or VHS mode for extra grime.