Blood Rage Digital Edition

Blood Rage Digital Edition
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Asmodee Digital
Asmodee Digital
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May 27, 2020 (Calendar)
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Blood Rage Digital Edition is a digital implementation of a tabletop board game designed by Eric M. Lang. Featuring card drafting and area control, the game is based on the myths and legends of the Vikings and the coming of Ragnarok.

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Ragnarök is coming! The sky is falling and the end is upon you…
In Blood Rage, the digital adaptation of the hit strategy board game, you lead a proud Viking clan in their final fight for glory and the right of passage to Valhalla before the world finally comes to its fiery conclusion.
Take command of your warriors, pillage villages, make good use of gifts from the gods and conquer your place with Odin in Valhalla.
Life is fleeting, but glory is eternal. Now is the time for rage!