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In Before We Leave, a terrible calamity has caused mankind to retreated to underground bunkers. But this is not a game about living in a bunker — instead, it's about the first day you come back out.

Civilization needs to be rebuilt, and all your people really have is some basic farming skills. Teach them how to live again, restore the world to its former glory, and head out to the stars! Just watch out for the space whales.

From the Before We Leave Epic Games Store page:

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Your people have spent generations underground. They’ve missed the caress of sun on skin, the squelch of soil between toes, the tickle of flies on noses. They emerge, full of wonder, and with absolutely no idea how to grow anything except potatoes.

Rebuild civilization by building huts, harvesting… potatoes and expanding your reborn society to other continents and eventually other planets. Manage resources, discover ancient tech and create a planetary network of colonies to thrive in your solar system.

But the universe is not safe. Ancient, ancestral guardians demand attention and challenge your cities. The planets you inhabit are scarred by the disasters that drove your forebears underground, and those catastrophes will punish poorly managed worlds.

Before We Leave is a (mostly) non-violent game. There are no weapons, no battles with neighbors for control of resources. You can, however, perish at the flippers of vast planet-gobbling space whales that graze on your worlds and threaten your civilization.

Play, chill out, and expand the fabric of your reborn society at your own pace and create your own solar system of rehabilitated planets. Just watch out for those pesky gigantic intergalactic plankton-feeders.