Battle Cry of Freedom

Battle Cry of Freedom
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Set in the 19th Century American Civil War, players will be able to fight massive 300-player battles in Battle Cry of Freedom. Players will be able to choose and fight on either the Union or Confederacy's side while using weaponry that was used in the period. This ranges from long range rifled muskets, artillery, bayonets, knives, and sabers.

There will also be Commander Battles available, which means that up to 800 AI-controlled soldiers can be lead by players to see who is the ultimate commander. Other choices include choosing to enlist in the Infantry, Artillery, or as a Engineer Corps. Engineers can construct defenses, build pontoon bridges, and supply ammunition. If you'd rather save lives than take them, you can become a Surgeon instead.

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Battle Cry of Freedom brings brutal real-time first and third-person combat set in the 19th Century America, presenting players with the opportunity to re-fight the American Civil War as either the Union or the Confederates.