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Whitethorn Digital
Release Date
May 20, 2022 (Calendar)

APICO is a chill beekeeping simulator where you must collect and preserve different types of bees. Cross-breed new types of bees, craft items to sell or keep your bees happy, and release them back into the wild to repopulate each of APICO's different biomes.

In addition to bees, APICO's 2.0 update also introduced butterflies as another animal type to collect. They can even help out certain types of bees you find in the world. Further animal types and features can be found via mods which is properly supported by the developer.

Developer Quote

APICO is a laid-back beekeeping sim game about breeding, collecting, & conserving bees!
Leave your boring city job behind to return to your family home in Port APICO and get back to your beekeeping roots.
Set in a series of lush environments, APICO uniquely combines resource gathering, biology, and beekeeping minigames, taking ideas from a mix of real-life and fantasy apiculture & floriculture.
On your journey you'll rediscover lost species, cross-breed new bees, and help repopulate the islands.