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September 21, 2017 (Calendar)
Strategy RPG
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Developed by Creative Storm Entertainment, Age of Gladiators II takes the premise of the original Age of Gladiators title and revamps it with a whole new Sci-Fi aesthetic. Gladiatorial games have become a sensation in the far future, and you are one of the lucky few to run their own gladiator school as you vie for glory and respect across the galaxy.

Hire scouts to scour the planets for potential prospects – once you have recruited your gladiators through the draft, scouting, missions, or other means, you will need to manage their morale and personality while equipping them for battle on the harsh combat environments of various worlds. Recruit support staff, upgrade your headquarters, collect bounties, research technologies, build your headquarters, partake in side missions, and manage the wealth and reputation of your empire as it grows each day. You can even take control of your gladiators in the arena, and use their skills to their advantage against your rivals. Become a mogul outside of the arena. Purchase property for fame or businesses through which to further increase the efficiency of your operation, the galaxy is at your fingertips and the possibilities are endless as you build your gladiator school.

Gladiators are born with their own dynamically generated physical attributes, weapon specialties, and personalities. With different physical statistics to track and nurture, it is up to you to draft the best prospects from the academy, make astute trades with competing owners, or hire scouts to scour for fringe fighters on nine different worlds.

With over fifty battles in a given season and featuring a ton of options including eight different races, a multitude of upgrades and a dynamically generated game experience each time you play, Age of Gladiators II is a the strategy-simulation game to sedate your bloodlust for fame and glory. Build your story and your empire on your terms.