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Fireshine Games
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March 29, 2022 (Calendar)

Abermore is a first person stealth game where you take the role of "The Unhanged Man", a legendary thief who is planning one final heist of epic proportions. To do this, you must spend 18 days preparing by completing tasks, assembling a crew, and selling loot to fund your large selection of tools.

Each of the 18 days feature multiple characters and quests for you to undertake, with each mission level being procedurally generated. To get through these unique levels, The Unhanged Man has access to a number of supernatural powers. These are accessed in the form of single-use tarot cards, allowing you to teleport, remove fall damage temporarily, and more. You'll need to have a full grasp on your abilities and make the most of the 18 days, as the final heist — "The Feast of the Lucky Few." — will test everything you've learned.

Developer Quote

Abermore is a first-person stealth RPG where players adopt the mantle of "The Unhanged Man", a legendary Robin Hood-esque figure in the strange and surprising city of Abermore, during the 18 days in a run up to a daring heist. Every campaign is unique, daisy chaining together robberies, across countless level variations. Each new day provides new stories to stumble into, spoils to sell on the Blackmarket, and potential collaborators to help you as you prepare for the ultimate score: "The Feast of the Lucky Few."