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Unleash Your Wild Side With Jill of the Jungle, Free On GOG

Published: November 2, 2018 1:20 PM /



The classic Jill of the Jungle games are free on GOG for a limited time according to a tweet from the DRM-free digital distributor.

Odds are a lot of the people reading this haven't heard of Jill of the Jungle, but I'd be happy to wager that you've heard of Epic Games. (You know, the guys who make those lil' indie projects Fortnite and Unreal Tournament.) The company has been around for a few decades in one form or another, and this particular trilogy is one of their earlier works.

Jill of the Jungle is a trilogy of platformers packed together into one neat package. These contain (in order): Jill of the JungleJill Goes Underground, and Jill Saves The Prince. The three games contain 50 side-scrolling platformer levels in total.

As one of Epic's earliest franchise's, this series of games had the potential to be turned into something a bit bigger. Plans supposedly existed to make a sequel to the trilogy but they were ultimately abandoned; the engine (with several improvements) was used to make Vinyl Goddess from Mars. The engine was also used to make several other similar titles such as Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom, essentially a re-skin of the second game with a narrative based on classic biblical tales. (No, really.) Jill also makes an appearance in Epic Pinball (which you can also get on GOG) in the Jungle Pinball level.

If you'd like to get your hands on a piece of gaming history without spending a dime, you can pick up the Jill of the Jungle trilogy free at GOG.com right now. As always, the game features absolutely no DRM or other junk to crust up your system. (Heck, the entire thing could fit on a floppy disc!) You might also want to pick up other Epic Games titles on sale right now like Unreal Gold and Jazz Jackrabbit.

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What do you think of Jill of the Jungle? Are you old and crusty enough that you got to play the game when it originally released? Let us know in the comments below!