Humble Monthly Subscribers Get 20% Off Store Purchases For A Limited Time

Published: July 11, 2019 10:00 AM /


humble monthly subscribers

Humble Monthly is the gift that keeps on giving. For a limited time, Humble Monthly subscribers can enjoy 20% off all Humble Store purchases.

This applies to all current Humble Monthly subscribers and new ones too. If that's you, then everything in the Humble Store - and we mean everything - is currently 20% off. The 20% discount stacks with non-coupon discounts, too, so if something's already discounted you'll get even more off it. Humble will apply that 20% after the existing discount. Let's say a game is $20 with a 25% discount. That'll make it $15. If you're a Humble Monthly subscriber, you'll get a further $3 off, making your purchase $12. If you've got a coupon, that discount won't stack.

All you need in order to take advantage of this discount is a Humble Monthly subscription. Each time you make a purchase, you can decide to reduce your discount in order to give some of the discount amounts to charity instead. You can also share your discount with a friend if you want. To do this, simply head over to your monthly download page and find the share link. Send that URL to your friend, and they'll receive the option to collect the discount. Simple, no?

Even without this offer, Humble Monthly is well worth it. Subscriptions cost just $12 and give you access to a number of mystery games each month. August's early unlocks are Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Surviving Mars. If you subscribe before August 2nd, you'll get both of these games to enjoy as soon as you subscribe. More games will become available to you on August 2nd. You'll also gain access to the Humble Trove, which contains over 60 games you can play for as long as you're subscribed. Trove games include the likes of The Sexy Brutale, LIMBO, and Trine. That's a pretty great deal.

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