Humble Bundle Features Building Games and Portals

Published: September 17, 2019 5:10 PM /


humble building bundle

It's time for another Humble Bundle! With a focus on building games, the Humble Builder Bundle is about exactly what you'd expect is written in that title.

Like most Humble Bundles, there's various tiers you can buy into. The first tier starts at $1 and nabs you three games. The first game is When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, which has you building weird and awkward ski lifts in an effort to get people from location A to B. The second game is Tricky Towers, a competitive multiplayer game where you build towers using falling blocks Tetris-styled, and attempt to sabotage other player's towers. The final game you get at this tier is Concrete Jungle, a game that combines deck building and city management. In addition to these games you also get a 10% off coupon for Humble Monthly, if you haven't signed up already.

The second tier is the "Beat the Average" tier which, at the time of writing, is set to $3.61. This tier will net you another three games. The first game you get here is Portal Knights, a sandbox RPG where you help craft items and worlds so you can fight monsters. The second game is Bridge Constructor Portal, which seeks to combine elements from both the Bridge Constructor and Portal series of games. The final game in this tier is SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell, a first person platformer where you can build courses and then try to run them as quickly as possible.

The final tier is set for $10 and contains only a single game. Here you'll get Staxel, a farming RPG where you'll be building a town, hanging out with villagers, and cooking delicious meals. You can read our review of Staxel here.

As always, Humble Bundles work with charities and donate a portion of the profits to them. This bundle is set to help War Child UK, which helps support children both living in and escaping from war torn countries. You can also choose to donate to other charities from a list provided by Humble.

The Humble Builder Bundle will be available for about 21 more days.

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How do you feel about this bundle? Any thoughts on the games in it? Going to pick it up? Let us know in the comments below!

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