So far on Tight.Wads, we’ve been focusing on conversions for Doom. From re-creating Aliens to providing a platforming experience, nearly everything we’ve covered is all about taking the Doom formula and making something new out of it. Accessories to Murder is a bit different. Instead of making something new, Accessories to Murder is a weapon mod, tweaking the mechanics and graphics of the classic Doom arsenal. It may sound simple, but despite its humble concept, Accessories to Murder manages to be a real standout in the world of Doom mods.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that while it may still be Doom, things don’t look quite as you remember it. The simple percentages have been replaced with a sleek power armor-esque HUD showcasing not only your usual health, ammo, and keys, but you also get a nice counter to show the kills, items, and secrets usually reserved for the level end. It’s quite nice, and the addition of Cpl. Taggart (Or “Punished Doomguy” as I like to call him) at the top really wraps it all together.

Accessories to Murder Shotgun

Enemies are also quite different visually, and virtually all the changes are appreciated. While I was a bit annoyed by the change of Pinkies at first, I soon began to love seeing the familiar beasts charge at me, all decked out in new cybernetic enhancements. The sleek presentation also carries over to the guns, which not only feature smooth animation, but also eject casings that can lay around the battlefield. A personal favorite of mine has to be the shotgun, which is also ironically the most boring to use. While it may just serve the role of the original Doom shotgun, the mixture of that deafening bang and the smooth pump make it feel a lot more powerful than it really is.

However, not very many weapons in Accessories to Murder actually stay true to their original Doom counterparts. The pistol can now be dual-wielded, punches are replaced by a slow-but-deadly sledgehammer, and the chainsaw has been replaced by my most-used weapon, a hefty revolver that basically gibs any early-game enemy with a single hit and can be fanned to finish them off if one shot doesn’t do the job. Basically, it turns you into Overwatch‘s McCree. And it’s awesome.

Accessories to Murder Revolver

Of course, some of the new weapons really throw everything out of whack. Every weapon has to reload now, and instead of being bullet-based, you reload entire magazines. Sure, it might be realistic, but this means you’ll likely find yourself not reloading until you’re dry in an attempt to save bullets, which means you’ll have a solid two seconds of just strafing while the animation completes. Sure, it’s not a huge downside, but in a game as breakneck as Doom is, it’s certainly noticeable.

Still, I really did have a blast with my time with Accessories to Murder. Not only are the weapons fun to use, they’re gorgeously sprited, and the presentation is just sublime all around. While Accessories to Murder might not make you rethink Doom‘s weapons, it certainly makes them much more visually appealing. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Accessories to Murder AR

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