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denuvo violata nuova versione del sistema drm v5 290082

Denuvo Acquired By Global Digital Security Firm Irdeto

The infamous anti-piracy and anti-cheat company Denuvo has been purchased by Irdeto. Irdeto is a Dutch company that provides similar security software for a variety of spheres, including “media &… logo

Scammers Are Selling Pirated Versions of Games on, the popular website allowing people to sell or just make their games available for download, has a bit of a problem. Scammers will try to do whatever they can…

denuvo violata nuova versione del sistema drm v5 290082

Anti-Piracy Software Giant Denuvo Accused Of Using Pirated Software

According to a post on Russian forum RSDN, Denuvo – creators of one of the currently most prolific anti-piracy software in video gaming – have been illegally using someone else’s…

nintendo 3ds handheld

Nintendo Hits freeShop Homebrew App with DMCA

Nintendo has filed a DMCA takedown against the freeShop homebrew application that allowed users to download 3DS titles without using the vanilla eShop as reported by Nintendo Life. freeShop is an app…

Legal 1080p Header

Judge: Advertisers Not Liable for Infringement by Pirate Sites

Back in August, we reported that the adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan filed a lawsuit against CDN provider CloudFlare and the advertising network Juicy Ads. Both companies were sued for…

British Parlament

UK Bill Would Increase Maximum Penalty for Piracy to 10 Years

The British government has introduced the Digital Economy Bill, which would increase the maximum penalty for online copyright infringement to ten years in prison. The government has been considering this…

Rightscorp Logo

Rightscorp Wants to Hijack the Browsers of Suspected Pirates to Extract Payment

The copyright enforcement company Rightscorp is now planning to hijack the browsers of suspected pirates in order to extract payment from them. This plan might be an effort to save…

punch club header

Punch Club Pirated Over 1.5M Times

Punch Club had one of the more unique release structures we’ve seen with a Twitch Plays event leading up to and hitting the release of the game. It gained a title…

The Pirate Bay

Kanye West Considering Legal Action Against Pirate Bay

Kanye West is considering taking legal action against The Pirate Bay, after his latest album was made available to download from the site. Life of Pablo was released on February…

John OMeara State of Industry

Discussing the Game Pricing, Piracy, & Demos with John O’Meara of Zero Eden Games

I interviewed John O’Meara about a neat game called Galactose: Pastries In Space. It’s a cool game about cupcake fighters in space. (Really.) In addition to the conversation we had about his…