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Prison Architect has had its first update since the game released on October 6, 2015.

This update focuses on improving a few key systems of the game. As always, Introversion has released an update video going into detail about some of the changes:

A new room type called Dormitories have been introduced. A Dormitory is like a prison cell that can house multiple prisoners in it. It uses a similar room quality calculation as other rooms so you won’t be able to pack a bunch of prisoners in a large hall and call it a day. The ratio of available necessities and amenities such as televisions and pool tables affect the quality of the room overall.

The Prisoner Intake system has been improved. Previously the only options for Prisoner Intake were to take in a certain number of prisoners each day or take in no prisoners at all. There are now three additional options available. You can set your prison to fill to its capacity and no more. You can set an arbitrary number for the total number of prisoners to intake. Lastly, you can have the game continually send you as many prisoners as possible with no limit.

Escape mode in Prison Architect has had a lot of improvements as well. Ranged weapons were previously a very powerful tool for escaping prisoners; this has been balanced by all firearms now having a limited number of shots. Damage to the facilities are now repaired by an AI “player” that gives orders as you would expect a human player to. Dead guards and prison staff used to remain dead for the duration of the playthrough, but now they will be appropriately replaced after a certain amount of time.

The developers of Prison Architect will be having an AMA on /r/prisonarchitect on Thursday, December 3rd at 15:00 GMT.

What do you think of how Prison Architect handled Alpha Development? When did you buy the game?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Squirly

    PA is one of the few early access games I’ve bought (the other being Besiege and Chaos Reborn) and luckily was a good choice as well. Maybe it’s because I bought it fairly late in development anyway (1.0 released about 3 months later) but it was stable, feature rich and the devs were dropping sometimes minor, sometimes major updates every week. Bonus points now that they’re still adding stuff even after 1.0.

  • Robert N. Adams

    Yeah, one of the reasons I bought it was because of how well they handled early access development. They’re one of the standout models on how to do it right.