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What if animals had their own country? No, not like that furry movie, I mean what would they end up doing? Probably it would be chaos and a lot of excrement, but if they were talking animals in suits and twee hats, they’d likely have to form political parties and run for elected office. Simulate this inevitable formalization of the state of freedom in Political Animals, an upcoming game from Squeaky Wheel Studio. Based in the Philippines, this four-man team has the stated goal of making games that tie into current affairs in developing countries. Throwing support behind their efforts is Positech games, the creator of Democracy and its sequels, which simulate electioneering and policymaking in a similar way.


If you like your politics more cartoony and gamified, Political Animals might be your preference. Following the course of an election over several key districts, your chosen animal avatar will have to make tough decisions about what they’re willing to do to win, and aim to have a majority of the voters by the end. Additionally, each of the characters has their own abilities that alter how they play with active abilities such as investigating opponents, and passive traits that impact the stats in the game. Making appeals to the beastly populace about their key issues, undermining the opposition party, or remaining incorruptible, and avoiding scandal will all factor into your chances of success.

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Something something Donald Trump.

Likely to draw allegory with our real world, the game will draw attention to the issues politicians deal with when faced with the possibility of losing their jobs, as well as the moral dilemmas that come along with those choices. The game doesn’t look heavy handed, even if it didn’t contain a mouse wearing a bow tie, so don’t worry about getting a face full of metaphors about campaign finance reform. Although the concept may at present be abnormally close to our actual reality, you’ll still have to wait until this fall to get your paws onto Political Animals for PC.

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Modern Events get lampooned in this upcoming title

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