Netmarble US, Inc.  announced on April 1, 2015 that their popular mobile game Raven, will be recieving a global launch this year.  Raven is a hack and slash RPG that quickly shot to the #1 spot for smart phone game downloads in Korea.  The game was highly anticipated in South Korea and did well after its recent release, now a North-American version of the game will be available within the year.


Raven has a very console-like quality that’s delivered on mobile devices.  Players can choose between different classic fantasy RPG race/class combos such as a balanced Human, fast-attacking Elf assassin and offense-oriented Vango berserker.  There also are 5 game play modes to play.  The modes include an epic Scenario mode, a Raid mode you can play with friends, an Adventure mode with 150 stages, Arena mode for 1v1 and Guild matches that supports 18 player fights. With guilds and thousands of items and equipment to collect, Raven has a lot more going on then you’re average mobile game.

“With splendid action, dynamic real-time battles and thousands of items to collect and upgrade,Raven has struck a resonant chord with gamers,” said Seungwon Lee, Overseas President at Netmarble Games Corp. “We will leverage the record-setting success of Raven in South Korea as we look forward to bringing the game to players worldwide.”

Boasting “smooth virtual controls”, Raven takes on a big task trying to deliver a console game experience on a mobile device.  Hopefully the game will be succesful and able to bring a more intense gaming option to smartphones and tablets.  Raven will be available on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market.



More information about Raven will be coming from Netmarble at a later date, but for now they are just saying that the game will be launched globally later this year.   The game looks like it has a real classic hack and slash, fantasy RPG feel.  When the game is released it will be interesting to see if it does as well in other regions as it did in South Korea.


What do you think of hack and slash RPG genre’s being developed for mobile devices?


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