One of the upsides of buying physical versions of your games is that you always have the option of reselling the disc once you’re done with it, netting you a little bit of money back on your investment you can then use to buy other stuff (probably games) with the money you get back. While this has always been possible for physical media without a CD-key (like console games), it may soon also become possible for games you bought on Microsoft’s online store. 

Apparently Microsoft is holding a survey at the moment where they are asking whether or not players who own an Xbox would be interested in the option of reselling their digitally bought games for 10% of the full price. In practice, this would mean that any game bought at the full price of 60 dollars would net you $6 dollars if you decide to sell it on. This money would go directly into your account and can then be used again on the digital store on your console.  

Xbox Survey

While this may seem like a tiny return on your investment (and you would actually be right about that), it’s still better than having a game you don’t want or need to play anymore sit on your hard drive in perpetuity. Mind you that resold games will be sold to the new owner for full price, so no cheap second-hand digital games can come out of this.

Quick Take

I don’t see anything wrong with this idea, personally, apart from the somewhat low return on your investment. This seems to me like the next step in trying to push consumers to a digital-only games collection where Microsoft has more control over the used games business. Still, it’s worth a go I suppose!

What do you think? Would you like to use the opportunity to resell your old digital games for a bit of profit? Collect those thoughts and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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