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It’s been close to a week since Metroid Prime: Federation Force launched in Europe and much like the Japanese market, it would seem that the title is not selling very well.  

In a Eurogamer piece published just last Monday, the 3DS title failed to secure a place in the UK all-format top 40 chart track. Even in the 3DS chart, Federation Force was not even able to make it to the chart’s top 10.

In addition to GFK’s charts, the title is not doing too well on Amazon UK. Last week, I had a look at Amazon UKs ‘Best Sellers’ charts and noticed that the title was completely absent from the all-format best sellers list and was only sitting at 77th place in the 3DS chart. To date, the title still remains absent from that Amazon UK list, with only a slight boost to 67th place for the 3DS category. 


Sourced from Amazon UK Best Sellers list for PC & Video Games, Nintendo 3DS. Top snapped September 3rd, bottom snapped September 9th (Australian time).

While the exact sales figures are still unknown, it is worth noting that title only managed to sell less than 4,441 copies during its opening week in Japan. In addition, older titles like Mario Kart 7, a game that is five years old, are still outselling the spin-off title by a significant margin. 

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is first Metroid title to be released in six years, and the only Metroid game to be released during the 30th anniversary of the series.

Since its initial 2015 announcement, Federation Force has been hit with intense scrutiny from both gamers and fans of the original series. Many have criticised the title for its lack of traditional Metroid elements, poor visuals, and absence of Samus Aran. Following its initial E3 announcement, some fans went as far to create a petition demanding for the cancellation of the title.

What are your thoughts on this? Could this be one of Nintendo’s biggest flops of 2016? Have you actually played Federation Force yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Jason English

Staff Writer

Super famous games journalist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. When not writing for TechRaptor, Jason is also covering material for Digital Fox. Jason has also heard every possible joke you can make in regards to his last name.


    Federation Force was a terrible idea from the start. Nintendo should have known better; they’re getting exactly what they deserve with this failure.

  • diablodevil2

    No one is buying the game that no one wanted? I DON’T UNDERSTAND

  • Meanwhile, in Nintendo’s marketing department…

  • Sarusig Musicman

    You mean games no one wanted like no one wanted WindWaker because it looked like a “game for babbies”? There’s quite a few examples of games no one asked for that ended up being absolutely amazing in Nintendo’s history.

  • Sarusig Musicman

    To be fair, I didn’t even know it was out. Did they even announce that thing? Was there any marketing? Have they learnt nothing from the WiiU launch?

  • DrearierSpider

    Good, let this trash burn in a dumpster fire. For AM2R, and the battered wife of a fanbase.

  • DrearierSpider

    Wind Waker was from the before time when Nintendo still gave a shit about its fans and IP’s.

  • Sarusig Musicman

    You mean before it realised there was land outside of Japan?

  • Rich

    Stop comparing this to The Wind Waker.
    This is not just a case of a bold change in graphic style. A Zelda game *WAS* asked for. People were waiting for the Zelda game that would be released for the Gamecube, just as any time Nintendo launches a new console. Yes, the style took people by surprise and virtually no one liked it when announced. Then Nintendo showed that they could pull it off by putting effort into it. The final game pushed the system to its limit ( for a quick example).

    This? This is a cash grab attempt with the Metroid name slapped into it in hopes of getting sales (which gladly it isn’t getting). People *ARE STILL* waiting for a proper Metroid game, whatever story it tells let alone a chronological continuation to Fusion when hell freezes over. But instead we get a 6 years gap between a poorly received game and this generic multiplayer-mini game stretched into a full game, with an all but forgotten (by them) franchise name in the cover. Remember how when it was announced no one even knew what game it was until a day later when they told everyone it was in fact a Metroid game.

    Overall the graphics of the game are very lazily done, the 3DS has been shown to be capable of much more by other games. But if you think it is just about people not liking the chibi-style (as you compare it with the Wind Waker), remember Zero Mission almost got something similar ( ) yet they realized people would not like it and changed it. This just don’t fit with a game like Metroid.
    Whereas Zelda always had a light hearted style which had to be re-explored with the Wind Waker, Metroid has always been more mature.

    Federation Force simply won’t be the next “hidden gem no one was expecting” as you seem to hope.

  • La M

    What’s that? A fan-made remake racked up about 1.5 million downloads? COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWN THAT SHIT.

  • Sarusig Musicman

    “This is not just a case of a bold change in graphic style. A Zelda game *WAS* asked for.”
    Because a Metroid game was not asked for?

    “This? This is a cash grab attempt with the Metroid name slapped into it in hopes of getting sales (which gladly it isn’t getting).”
    Right, making a new game and taking a risk to bring a franchise in a new direction is a cash grab. You’re not making any sense. A cash grab would be to just make the same tired formula without changing a single element. That doesn’t take effort and will sell. That is literally the definition of a cash grab. What YOU are asking for, is by definition, a cash grab.
    Federation Force is a risk. I don’t even understand how you could claim to the conclusion it’s a cash grab.

    “Whereas Zelda always had a light hearted style which had to be re-explored with the Wind Waker”
    The game before WindWaker was Majora’s Mask. The tech demo people were expected for was the edgiest Zelda fight ever. The following game was TP. I would not use light-hearted to describe a single one of these games. Link was always meant to be “cool”, not goofy.

    “Federation Force simply won’t be the next “hidden gem no one was expecting” as you seem to hope.”
    I never said anything about the game quality. I just said that people whining about a game before or just at the time it comes out, because it’s not a “true X experience” or “the graphics look bad” as opposed to the actual gameplay (which I’d like to point out is exactly what you did), means literally jack shit as to the actual quality of the game.

    Maybe it’s shit, I don’t know, I didn’t even know it was out because there as virtually no marketing on it.

  • Azure

    Try selling a Mario game without the main characters…


    Like did someone do it as a joke? “Hey guys lets make a metroid game but without Samus” And they went with it not realising it was a joke, but doubled down after finding out it was a joke so they would not admit that they fell for it.

    Like it is apparently a multiplayer only game too as the reviewers say that the game is HORRIBLE when playing it as singleplayer.

    Also just seen the vid for the final boss, that was such a low blow to fans of metroid.

  • diablodevil2

    Wow, that’s fugly, but I’d still have played it. Zero Mission was so good.

  • Well… You’re right

  • Sarusig Musicman

    Uh, no. No don’t make it sound like it was a small subset of users who merely complained about the art style. The backlash against Wind Waker was MASSIVE. People were straight up hoping this was just a side game and that the “real mature one” was still coming out.

    No one wanted Wind Waker. The mods on IGN ended up locking dozens of threads because of the shitstorm. And remember this was in 2001-2, there was a lot less traffic. Here, have a read:

    This thread also reminds me that people similarly whined about Sunshine too.

  • Scootinfroodie

    People asked for a Metroid game, not a 4 player co-op spinoff. This would be like asking for a Mario game and getting Yoshi’s Island or Luigi’s mansion, only those games were actually well received and weren’t the successor to a series that hasn’t had a good entry for nearly 9 years

    Also, Federation Force honestly looks like it was going to be a completely different game that they just rebranded as a Metroid title, much like Dinosaur Planet/Starfox Adventures

  • Bitterbear

    It’s missing the floopy belly, the day-glo hair dye, and the problematic glasses.

  • vesperneon

    Nintendo will use this as an excuse to bury there best series once and for all.

    Rather then realize what we wanted was what AM2R gave us.
    But then again look how nintendo reacted to that game

  • Sarusig Musicman

    Games that nobody wanted but ended up being good do, in fact, sell a lot of copies.
    I don’t understand why it seems so hard for you to understand, but my point is that what people feel about a game BEFORE it releases is not worth anything and should never be held as an absolute indication of what will make a good, or bad game.
    To give you a recent example of exactly the opposite, take No Man’s Sky. Hyped as fuck, ended up being shit.
    But hey, you keep feeling smart about yourself, having proven that The Legend of Zelda was a popular franchise. What an incredible feat!

  • Sarusig Musicman

    That’s my point. What people want is not always an indication of good or bad.

    Also I liked Star Fox Adventures!

  • Sarusig Musicman

    No, I’m simply saying that claiming that releasing a completely different game is literally the opposite of a “cash grab”. A cash grab is a safe thing, not a bet.
    You might think it’s a shit game, maybe it is I don’t know I haven’t played it (have you?), but it certainly isn’t a cash grab. Get it straight dammit!

  • Bitterbear

    Don’t forget to take into account that this game came out when the Dudebro Hardkore Grimdark 2kool4skool Serious Gaming 2D-Xtreme!!!11!!! was taking the gaming industry by storm.

    So while everyone else was making a game about either avenging his murdered wife/girlfriend with the most realistic beige visuals the technology of that time could OR killing nazis/aliens in a first-person perspective, Nintendo was busy churning out cutesy-poo stuff.

    MS and Sony succeeded into labeling (we’ll never know the amount of payola they spent on) the Gamecube as a console for babbies.

    Or it could just be the infamous Zelda Cycle.

  • Scootinfroodie

    I think people can tell quite keenly what they don’t want though
    See: DmC

    You can usually tell if it’s bad or not prior to release at this point too. I’ve been pretty good at picking out stuff I won’t like before it ends up on store shelves

    And if you replace a thing they want with something they don’t (no proper Metroid games since the Prime Trilogy ended) they won’t like that new thing.

    Metroid fans were starved for a new title, and what they got was a spinoff. If the Metroid franchise wasn’t in the F-Zero bucket, a dumb MP spinoff would fly right under the radar. Still wouldn’t sell well, mind you, but it wouldn’t cause as much fan frustration

  • Casey

    Here’s hoping Nintendo learns the correct lesson from this: Make an actual and good metroid game.

    Of course knowing nintendo, they’ll just mothball the franchise forever.

  • Casey

    Don’t forget the patreon link at the bottom.

  • Casey

    Wouldn’t the fact that they threw the metroid name on it despite it not playing, feeling, or being at all like a metroid game make it a cash grab? (yes I played it, I’m not just making this judgement based on screenshots and videos, and no I don’t think it feels like a metroid game. )

    Maybe cash grab isn’t the right word. What seems to be most people’s problem (mine included) is that they put the metroid name on this game, and it’s got nothing to really do with metroid.

    I mean, hell, maybe they actually believe in this game. They kept yanking fox out of his goddamn ship. They keep molding paper mario into something other than the RPG people fell in love with because miyamoto doesn’t like having original characters in mario games. They keep cramming motion controls and gyro aiming in EVERY GODDAMN GAME EVER. Maybe someone at nintendo really believes the metroid franchise should go in this direction.

    The problem is, fans don’t… and the fans are the ones buying the games. If the wii U is any indicator, nintendo has not been doing what the fans want, and they may not have the luxury of ignoring fans if the NX sinks like a rock.

  • Agt_Pendergast

    I think people are calling it a ‘cash grab’ b/c it looks cheap (not just in a low budget sorta way) and the coop shooter aspect feels like something a boardroom looking at trends would recommend.

  • ElKonsolero

    I agree. They could even try to do a new 2D Metroid because Nintendo did it with Zelda and it was highly successful. I think another 2D Metroid if it´s nearly as good as Super Metroid then people would jump on that train.

  • ElKonsolero

    I feel they should try to make a 2D Metroid again. They probably don´t have any new ideas for 3D Metroid (that´s why we´ve gotten Other M and no new prime) but 2D Games aren´t as hard to design then 3D ones. It worked for Zelda who still had a large fanbase of people who prefer the 2D Zelda ones over the 3D ones (me for example) so why not do it for Metroid?

    Super Metroid is still regarded as one of the best Games of all time and i think it would sell on the 3DS despite some people never playing the 2D titles.

  • ElKonsolero

    They should´ve learned from the whole “Making a Devil May Cry Game without Dante is a great idea!” – debacle Capcom had a few years ago.

    It has pretty much never worked:

    – It didn´t work for DmC

    – It didn´t work for Metal Gear 2 (although Snake was in it)
    – It doesn´t work here

    (sure there are many other examples).

  • ElKonsolero

    Gamewise Nintendo is doing the same SEGA already did for so many years ignore your beloved franchises besides your main one. Only difference is that Mario Games do have a higher quality than Sonic Games and Nintendo still has Zelda.

  • Casey

    “but 2D Games aren´t as hard to design then 3D ones.”

    Actually, 2D games with spritework cost more than the whole psuedo 3D that you see nowadays. It’s cheaper for them to make a 3D model than to draw all the different frames of animation. That’s why you don’t see as much of the whole 2D spritework anymore.

    But back to what you were talking about… we won’t see a 2D metroid because it isn’t INNOVATIVE. It’s not NEW. It’s not PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES.

    Nintendo has been screwing up all of their franchises for the sake of INNOVATION and NEWNESS.

    Take, for example, Star Fox: Zero. It wasn’t enough to just make a Star Fox game. They had to do something new, and in this case, they decided to cram the gamepad and gyroscope functionality down our throats.

    Look at Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Miyamoto decided he didn’t want characters like Goombella, or Kooper from the old games to be in a new game, so they watered down the combat, and now even the entire franchise is a husk of what it once was. There is LITERALLY no point in fighting extra battles in Sticker Star. In fact, by doing so, you waste stickers which makes you WEAKER!

    Metroid: Other M needed some new hooks. What do they do? They make Samus into a whiny brat, give her a man to follow, and cram shitty wiimote controls in. If I had a dollar for everytime that bitch said “THE BABY!” in Other M, I would be rich as fuck.

    The mario series has fared better, putting out games like mario galaxy, and mario 3d world, but even there you can see nintendo doesn’t want to do anything unless they can throw some NEW wrinkle into it.

    Nintendo is trying too hard, and listening to people who whine about them making nothing new… so now they’re doing the worst of both worlds. They’re taking the old thing, cramming something new in it, and then passing it off to us as if it were gold. The result is what you see now. A shitty first person multiplayer game not starring the main character of the series.

    Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

  • ElKonsolero

    Huh didn´t know that about the 2D Games.

    Yeah Nintendo seems really gimmicky these days. They fall into the same trap as Square does since FF X they always need to do something else doesn´t matter of it´s not working and then they are suprised when the “outdated” playstyles (Braverly Default) sell more than their mainseries (FF XIII-2, Lightning Returns).

    I´m more in the “Don´t give me the same shit every year”- camp, i´m perfectly fine with “old mechanics” who were already used 15 years ago if they don´t crank out games every year (or two) and let series rest before we get sequel X.

    I feel a good move from Nintendo would have been to buy off the Metroid 2 Remake, polish it maybe a bit and put it with fanfare on the e-stores for like 10-15€ . I doubt a lot of people played Metroid 2 back then since it was on GameBoy.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Maybe it would have some success as a cheap eShop game. But as a full price game? Nope.

    Now make a 2D Metroid game!

  • Sarusig Musicman

    Considering Nintendo’s propensity to cram the name Mario on literally everything, that would be a weird thing to call them out on. They’ve always done that, and they tend to do decent games even with spin-offs. As long as there’s effort, it’s not a cash grab. A cash grab would be making a quickly thrown together game based on a popular side-character. Star Fox – Krystal dress-up, for instance… You know it would sell too.
    In fact you mentioned Nintendo moving away from the core RPG of Paper Mario, but Paper Mario itself is really moving away from the core platforming of Mario to begin with.

    I can absolutely understand fans not being happy with it. But again, that’s not necessarily a measure of the quality of your game. Or of your commercial success, see: Wii.

  • FailedSurgery

    I’ll buy 2 more copies of zelda before buying federation force