Britain-based publisher Ghostlight Games announced today that they’re bringing idol sim/JRPG Omega Quintet to PC on December 15th. This port comes three years after its original Japanese release, and over two years removed from its Western release. Omega Quintet released to mixed reviews upon release, with much of the praise directed at the battle systems. Much like other Compile Heart games, Omega Quintet spends much of its time taking you through dungeons and fighting monsters in turn-based battles. Ghostlight did announce the port earlier this year, and makes good on their earlier promises. Omega Quintet‘s PC release will come with some controller support, dual audio, and different resolutions, depending on your graphics card. Omega Quintet will launch at $29.99 on December 15th, though packing a discount to $17.99 until January 4th.

Omega Quintet tells the story of the “Verse Maidens,” with the player stepping in as their manager. When a mysterious disease known as the “Blare” degrades the minds of Omega Quintet‘s citizens, the Verse Maidens are called upon to save the world through song and battle. By utilizing their sound-based abilities and weapons, the idols can use their popularity to build up power and unleash special skills. Not only that, but as this is a Compile Heart game, players can customize the girls’ outfits, accessories, hair and more to their liking. Much like in the Senran Kagura series however, powerful attacks from enemies can destroy parts of your costume, leaving you vulnerable to further attacks.

Also included in Omega Quintet is the “PVS,” or the “Promotional Video System.” Players can choreograph and create their own music videos using pre-built animations, and adding in custom effects. While making your own videos may have little to no effect on actual gameplay, it’s still a nice touch that makes you feel like a real manager. Omega Quintet on PC will run you $17.99, and releases on Steam on December 15th.

Are you interested in this game? Did you play it on its original platform or plan on playing it on PC? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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