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A recent survey posted by the developer of the Rock Band series may indicate plans for a new installment in the franchise.

The survey (found here) focused on the peripheral based music series that dominated living rooms, and asked for feedback on consumer preferences and pre-orders of a possible new one.

Harmoix Music Systems hasn’t developed a Rock Band game since the last installment, Rock Band Blitz, released in 2012. Harmonix’ recent push on social media for consumers to fill out a survey may be pointing to a current-gen installment. The posts on Twitter and Facebook gave a call to action to fill out the “important” survey and share it across networks. The next day Harmonix’ Facebook page posted a link to another gaming website’s story about the possibility of a new Rock Band game, which at the very least acknowledges the team is aware fans could take the survey as an indication for a new game in the franchise.

The survey also touched on fans preferences of controller set up, and asked how many songs players had purchased ranging from none to 700+. The survey asked participants to rank the following in terms of importance/value:

  • Compatibility of existing DLC
  • The ability to create and customize my own character
  • Local multiplayer
  • A fixed campaign mode
  • Compatibility of existing hardware
  • Online multiplayer
  • A variety of venues to play in
  • Pro instruments and Pro lessons
  • A large on-disc soundtrack
  • Competing with the world through leaderboards
  • New weekly DLC
  • Regularly updated in-game events (Tour Challenges, Battle of the Bands, etc.)

Rock Band debuted on November 20, 2007, for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, with the Playstation 2, and Nintendo Wii releases following later. The game found favorable reviews throughout most media outlets for its rewarding gameplay and fun party-game vibe. The most recent installment, Rock Star Blitz, released in 2012 and found overall favorable reception, though a number of disappointing features held it back.

What’s your take? Would you like another shot at virtual stardom with Rock Band? Or has the market not yet recovered from the gratuitous saturation of music party games that flooded stores? (Remember Wii Music? Eck.) Sound off in the comments below.

Bryan Heraghty

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  • Ben Kuyt

    As much as I love/loved Rock Band, until all my plastic instruments broke and I turned 16, I don’t think they could do the plastic instruments anymore. They might be able to, but they’d need real instruments in the mix as well.

    See, when I see Rock Band, all I think in the back of my head is “Man, after Rocksmith, how can we go back to 5 buttons?” Sure, there’s always the party element to it, getting drunk and slamming on drums with 3 other friends as your mates cheer and laugh behind you, but Rocksmith actually taught you something, and no one wants to be part of the band with the guy who can’t play guitar, failing every song after 30 seconds.

    It’s a thin rope they’d have to walk, because unlike the majority of people, I have 3 guitars, a bass, and a decent amount of disposable income. I could shell out $200 for a copy of the game and the pro drums, but what about the people who want to play guitar but don’t want to spend the 5 years I have learning to get as mediocre as me?

    Oh, god, I can’t even solo, and that’s half the fun of Rock Band gone. I want it, but I don’t at the same time. Rocksmith broke Rhythm games for me, despite it being one of my favourite games of all time.

  • Cerxi

    I was just lamenting the death of the Rock Band series a couple days ago! Me and my mates all miss getting drunk on weekend, throwing on no-fail, and playing Rock Band for hours. A new game for Wii U would be immediate buy for us!

  • TeLin特林

    I’m sure many people would eat it up on current gen systems.