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Recent events should have been fresh enough for most of you to remember how this years Crimefest has been… rather controversial. The fan outrage has reached such a velocity, that the debacle even got an article at Forbes, with the article saying that the “Payday 2 Fans have every right to be upset”.

A small synopsis for you. Crimefest 2015, an event that traditionally has always been about free content rewards unlocked by effort of the fanbase, started its Day 1 of rewards with Microtransactions. Skins, more specifically, that give stat bonuses to your weapons and are found in safes given out as post-mission loot. As per CS:GO and TF2 tradition (except for the stat bonuses), these were up until now only able to be opened with drills you could buy for actual money.

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 6 loot drills reward

But now part of that has been somewhat mended. Crimefest Day 6 brings a new Heist, the infamous First World Bank, along with drills now being added to the possible loot drops after a successful Heist. To be frank, the latter only partly solves the issue. These drills are not only still available for purchase, but there has been no sign that the stat bonuses are to be removed either, which a big part of the fanbase is adamant about wanting gone as well.

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 6 first world bank reward

In truth, we’ll probably never know whether this was planned from the start or not. The fact the lootable drills come with a Heist that has been looked forward to for a long while gives the idea that this may have been slapped on quickly after-the-fact. Why else would you include two big announcements in the same day and have mediocre rewards on others? We may never find out. But at least it seems Overkill is intent on mending the damage that has been done.

How do you feel about it? Think the damage has been mended well enough, or what should Overkill do next?

Himpe Kenny

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  • Nope Naw

    If the lootable drills were part of the original plan they would, and should, have been included when the whole concept appeared in the first place.

    I’d say that this is yet another situation of “too little, too late”. Now you’re not only potentially getting a safe you can’t do anything with unless you pay up, now you have to do at least two heists in order to make use of a safe/drill that dropped in the first one.

    It doesn’t really help that the PD2 playerbase is highly restrictive and also dwindling.

  • Too little, too late, OverGREED.

    You showed your true colors on Day 1 of this event.

    Now suffer for it.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    They were part of the original plan. I highly doubt they weren’t. I think this is a case of them trying to play a bit of a joke and be a bit of trolls. They did wait way too long though and I feel it WAY backfired.

    Why do I think it was original plan?
    know that little sprite video gamey thing? All the heisters except the 4 who were doing the challenges were chilling out at the entrance and this even includes Jiro. However someone was missing, Wolf who was supposed to have been left behind in the first place. And who did they show with the drills? Wolf. He was up to something and they wanted to hint at that.

  • Nope Naw

    Maybe it was part of the plan, maybe it wasn’t. Either case, it doesn’t really matter right now. I think we can all agree that even if they had the best intentions with it, doing it this way wasn’t a smart move.

  • Ev

    An OVK animator confirming that this was done last minute as an attempt to weaken the opposition.