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Pathfinder Second Edition – Let’s Create a Character

Creating a character is almost certainly the first step that any tabletop RPG player is going to take when preparing to play in a brand new tRPG campaign. The steps…

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Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary – Glow Up

The more Pathfinder Second Edition goodies I get my hands on the more I like the system, and the Bestiary is no exception to that trend. Not only does it…

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Pathfinder Second Edition First Look – New Players Welcome

Pathfinder and Pathfinder Second Edition present a weird alternate-universe feel when compared with one another. Pathfinder was a continuation and re-balancing of the 3.5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons when…

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Gen Con 2019 – Creating A Monster – How Kingdom Death Monsters Are Designed

It’s always a pleasure to talk to Adam Poots of Kingdom Death about the world he’s created, its lore, and how it all works together to tell such immersive stories.…

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Gen Con 2019 – Digging Up The Dirt On Shovel Knight Dungeon Duels

  One of the most exciting games the TechRaptor crew saw this year at Gen Con was Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels. We talked with Heath of Panda Cult Games this…

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Crusader Kings Board Game Review – Story Over Strategy

Let me tell you a story about Queen Adelaide. She was quite Clever, and she was married to a Strong man. She cared deeply about her family’s bloodline, so much…

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Margraves of Valeria Preview – Ever Expanding Choices

I’m quite fond of Daily Magic Games’ various Valeria titles. The games all share a world and artstyle, but, most importantly, they share a designer and an underlying philosophy that…

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Revamp – Welcome Back Old Friend

The original release of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Games were very well received by my gaming group and I. We absolutely loved Rise of the Runelords and Skull & Shackles,…

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Crowdfunding Spotlight – Middara: Unintentional Malum – The Complete Trilogy

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1 is the best new game that I’ve played in the past few years. After playing through it’s 100+ hours long campaign, the game sits snugly…

middara box 2

Middara Review – Setting a New Standard For Narrative Boardgames

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1┬áis incredible. I generally shoot for a longer opening for my board game reviews, but Middara is no ordinary board game. Sure there are trappings of…

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