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Maestro of cardboard and plastic.

downfall header

Downfall Review – The Whole World Is Out To Get You

I love 4X board games, but I don’t love the effort that it takes to actually get them to the table. The depth and breadth of these big, beefy games…

wingspan header

Wingspan Review – Pleasant From Beak To Tailfeather

As an avid turkey and waterfowl hunter I have an incredible appreciation and respect for both the game birds that I spend time pursuing, and the songbirds, scavengers, predators, and…

claustrophobia 1643 review header

Claustrophobia 1643 Review – Fighting the Devil on His Turf

Claustrohpobia 1643 is a beautiful, thematic remake of the game Claustrophobia, which was originally released in 2009. Ten years is a long time in any form of media, and board…

middara box 2

Off The Shelf – Middara (Unboxing and First Impressions)

Middara is both similar to many games that I’ve played over my years as a hobby board game enthusiast and something entirely new and unique. The game was born via…

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Crusaders Thy Will Be Done Review – Reinventing the Action-Wheel

Elegant is a word that gets thrown around a lot in hobby board gaming circles, so much so that it has almost reached meme status in some cases. It’s a…

claustrophobia 1643 header

Off The Shelf – Claustrophobia 1643 (Unboxing and Preview)

Claustrophobia 1643 is a new take on the original game Claustrophobia, which was originally published nearly a decade ago. The new version of the game came to life courtesy of…

strike teams header

Marvel Strike Teams Review – Panels of Action, Tidbits of Story

There are a few board game designers who I always keep an eye out for because they consistently put out solid, interesting, and fun games. Over the past few years…

mage knight ultimate edition header

Mage Knight Ultimate Edition Review – The Best Version of One of the Best Games Ever

Mage Knight is an absolute classic. It’s interesting, crunchy, deep, thematic, satisfying, and challenging. The base game alone has an incredible learning curve and enough content to keep a hardcore…

ost2 header 1

Old School Tactical Volume 2 – Fought With Weapons, Won By Men

A little over two years ago, I reviewed the first volume of Old School Tactical. Just about everything that I said for Volume 1 remains true for Volume 2, so…

betrayal legacy header

Betrayal Legacy Review – Suspense, Surprise, Satisfaction

It’s incredibly hard to review Legacy-style games, because the thrill of discovery is such a huge aspect of the experience of playing them. I’ve been struggling even harder than normal…

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