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When I'm not talking about my love of Persona, I'm probably playing or writing about games. I'm waiting for the day I can be proud of the DC cinematic universe. Catch me on Tadaima: A Terrace House Podcast for some insights on the best reality TV show on Netflix.

trials of mana duran

Trials of Mana Remake Feels Like Familiar Fun

Whenever people talk about influential, iconic JRPGs from the past few decades, some major franchises very quickly come to mind. I’m sure names like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest crept…

bravery network online promo art

Bravery Network Online Turns up the Weird and Competitive

Bravery Network Online is weird. The characters exist in a post-post-apocalyptic world. Everyone fights each other for sport, but some of them attack by kissing or charming the pants off…

control review sky

Catching Up with Remedy about Control

Fans of the weird and spooky got a real treat when Remedy launched Control just a few weeks ago. The title went for the supernatural, and it delivered a stellar…

skater xl logo

Skater XL Looks to Fill EA’s Skate Shoes

Years have passed since we got a major skateboarding video game from a AAA studio. EA hasn’t said word one about a hypothetical Skate 4, so indie studios have kicked…

pax west wishlist games

6 Games from PAX West 2019 to Add to Your Wishlist

PAX West 2019 was an incredibly busy weekend in Seattle. The Washington State Convention Center housed a plethora of games and thousands of gamers from all walks of life. I…

kunai key art

KUNAI Makes Robots Cute and Deadly

The Arcade Crew, which published the excellent Blazing Chrome, has another potential hit under its wing. KUNAI makes a strong case for being the next indie Metroidvania to be excited…

spiritfarer key art

Spiritfarer Made Me Less Scared of Death

The concept of death usually isn’t a comfortable one. In real life, it evokes less than pleasant thoughts. In video games, it often marks failure. Spiritfarer puts a more heartwarming…

life is strange 2

The Rising Reception of Life is Strange 2

Just a few weeks ago, Dontnod released the fourth episode of Life is Strange 2, an episodic series we’ve been enjoying so far. The journey follows brothers Sean and Daniel,…

indivisible running

Indivisible Divides by Genre to Multiply the Fun

After the success of the zany fighting game Skullgirls, the developers at Lab Zero Games set off to make a new title: Indivisible. If you look at its $2-million IndieGoGo…

catherine full body review header

Catherine: Full Body Review – Like a Fine Wine

Catherine is a game I remember being excited for because it had Katsura Hashino at the helm as director and producer. For the uninitiated, he led the development of the…

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