Courtney Ehrenhofler

Staff Writer

A native New Yorker, Courtney loves playing all different genres of games, but if you start talking to her about Trails in the Sky, she'll never shut up.


The 6 Best (And Worst) Kingdom Hearts Enemy Designs

Kingdom Hearts has a lot of enemies. We’ve got the Heartless, the Nobodies, the Unversed, the Dream Eaters, the random Disney and Final Fantasy villains who decide to show up,…

cold steel techraptor

[Updated] Trails of Cold Steel III Localization Announced by NIS America

Trails fans rejoice! The next installment of the epic saga is set for Western release at last. According to a press announcement released by NIS America, The Legend of Heroes:…

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The 6 Weirdest Worlds in Kingdom Hearts

Continuing our month of Kingdom Hearts Raptor 6s, we thought about how explaining Kingdom Hearts’ worlds to an innocent bystander can often feel like you’re taking them on a tour…

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Kingdom Hearts’ 6 Best Character Adaptations

Four weeks till Kingdom Hearts III releases! Well, ish. Four Sundays at least, which means we’ll be doing a Kingdom Hearts Raptor 6 for every Sunday the rest of this…

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Coverage Club: The Case of the Curious Headset

Happy holidays! We hope your Black Friday was merry and the turkey tasted good. Our staff is in a coma of our own, but it’s not because of any poultry.…

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GOG Weekly Sale – Strategy and Thrills

Another week, another good old sale from GOG, the site formerly known as good old games. This week the sale’s theme is games that require strategy and planning ahead –…

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HELP The Game Launches for 2018 To Support WarChild

Tis the season to spread the love. Humble Bundle and Yogscast aren’t the only ones who can game for charity! War Child UK, a charity organization founded in 1993 to…

kinda funny game showcase

Kinda Funny Games Showcase to Feature Over 60 Titles, Nearly A Half Dozen Will Launch

Traditionally, after The Game Awards, there’s usually a calmer post-show to show off more, and different fan games. Though this event has in past been PlayStation’s PSX, this year we’ll…

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Humble Bundle And Yogscast Pair Up For Annual Jingle Jam

Jingle Jam, Jingle Jam, Yogscast’s back again! Counting down till Christmas Day with more fun games to play, hey! Just like every December, Yogscast and Humble Bundle are partnering up…

raptor 6 kingdom hearts 3 characters new returning

6 Characters We’d Like to See in Kingdom Hearts III

Most anticipated release for 2019? Easily Kingdom Hearts III. It’s the game we fans have been waiting over a decade for, sated by intermittent releases of spin-off games that are…

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