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the division 2

The Division 2 Gear Sets Guide: Their Place in the Endgame

The Division 2 received its first major update, bringing the joys of endgame grinding to all. Dubbed Invasion- Battle for D.C., the update unleashes the Black Tusk faction across the…

the division 2

Hard Times: A Look at The Division 2’s Clash of Difficulty and Immersion

One of the most ubiquitous complaints about the first Division was that enemies were far too resistant to damage. It was all too common that normal human enemies in the…

metro exodus summer

Metro Exodus to Get New Game Plus Mode in Ranger Update

Metro Exodus, or Russian Fallout with trains and snow, is getting its first major update. Dubbed the Ranger Update, this 6 GB patch will add some major features to the…

the division 2

The Division 2 Guide: An Overview of the Best (and Most Niche) Skills

At its core, The Division 2 is more of a RPG than a third person cover shooter. It may not seem like it at first, given the modern setting and…

the division 2

Dumbing Down: The Frustrating Absurdity of The Division 2’s Silent Protagonist

The looter shooter genre is getting more and more crowded every year, especially now that almost every major publisher has a dog in the race. With the release of Ubisoft’s…

cities skylines industries 2

Cities: Skylines Celebrates Four Year Anniversary

Cities: Skylines, or the game that proves that real life city planning is something best left to professionals, just reached its four year anniversary. To celebrate, Paradox Interactive and Colossal…

just cause 4 feature image

Just Cause 4 Roadmap and Upcoming Updates Unveiled

Just Cause 4, the open world game that lets you play as an infinitely more destructive Spider-Man, will be getting some new content in the near future. According to Square…

apex legends

Apex Legends Boasts 50 Million Person Strong Playerbase

Apex Legends, the Titanfall game that no one asked for but everyone likes, recently reached another major milestone. According to Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, on Twitter, the…


Anthem’s No-Win Situation – Rising Expectations, Unsustainable Business Models

A long time ago in a console generation far far away, BioWare was a name that implied exceptional quality. For years, they were known for creating revolutionary single player RPGs.…

the division 2

The Division 2 Beta Impressions – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again, But With More Drones

Ubisoft’s foray into the looter shooter genre continues with The Division 2,¬†an unusual combination of traditional looter shooter/RPG mechanics and a modern-day “realistic” setting. Just like in the first Division,…

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