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stellaris ancient relics review header

Stellaris: Ancient Relics Review – That Belongs in a Space Museum!

One of the most ubiquitous themes in sci-fi media is the existence of ancient and incomprehensibly powerful, but extinct alien civilizations. The names may change, but the story is almost…

game of thrones bethesda

KekRaptor – FromSoftware’s Game of Thrones Game Detailed – Show Writers Involved and More

The last season of Game of Thrones may have ended, but fans of the franchise may soon have another way to explore the world of Westeros. According to various leaks,…


To the Infinite and Beyond: A Look Back at Stellaris

Stellaris, or the space RTS that lets you encounter exciting new alien species, enslave them, and eat them, reached its three year anniversary. Developed by Paradox Interactive, the game is…

the division 2

Fighting Last Year’s War: The Division 2’s Regressive No Matchmaking Raid Policy

The Division 2, or the third person shooter that’s pretending to be an RPG that’s pretending to be a MMORPG, is getting its first Raid. The eight person activity is…

battlefield v death dealer dice

Playing the Long Game: A Look Back at Battlefield V

Some six months ago, DICE unveiled their version of a modern WWII game. Unlike the WWII games of the past, Battlefield V would focus on the lesser known battles of…

sea of thieves anniversary update

Did Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update Save the Game?

Sea of Thieves turned one year old and Rare decided to celebrate by releasing a major update. The appropriately titled Anniversary Update is evidently intended to bring Sea of Thieves…

borderlands 3 cover art

KekRaptor: Borderlands 3 Delayed Due to Lack of Content and Adding Endless Procedural Gun Generation

Borderlands 3, or the highly anticipated sequel to Battleborn, is getting its release pushed back to an indeterminate date. While originally slated for a mid-September launch, the game ran into…

mortal kombat 11 boxart logo

KekRaptor – Mortal Kombat 11 Released, Nothing Controversial Happens

From a historical standpoint, games have generally been looked down upon. After all, it was only in the past decade or so that games were no longer considered things that…

the elder scrolls: blades delayed

What Can The Elder Scrolls: Blades Tell Us About The Elder Scrolls 6?

By most accounts, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is … okay. It has most of the trappings of an Elder Scrolls game, but it’s definitely a mobile game at heart. Compared…

Sea of Thieves

Sink or Swim: How is Sea of Thieves One Year Later?

When Sea of Thieves was released a year ago, it was met with a rather blistering reception. For the most part, people were not pleased with how little there was…

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