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Published: June 7, 2016 8:31 AM /



Since I took over as the dedicated Reviews Editor for TechRaptor in November of last year, our staff has doubled down on our output of quality written reviews that help guide readers towards the best games to play in both the AAA and indie markets. We've made tremendous progress in this space in 2016, with companies big and small taking notice and giving us more access to review copies. Today, we take another step along this journey. 

I am pleased to announce that TechRaptor's reviews are now featured on OpenCritic alongside many of our gaming journalism peers. For those who are unaware, OpenCritic is a review aggregator that gives you an easy to read summary of the critical reception of any given game as it comes out. It also allows you to gain context for a reviewer's opinions by organizing all of their reviews into an easy to parse profile. In addition, readers can customize their experience by choosing to include only the sites they trust in the combined averages they see. As of today, you can now choose TechRaptor in addition to sites like Giant Bomb,, and the Reno Gazette-Journal.

It's not only new reviews either! Our entire back catalog of articles have been filtered onto their page, allowing you to see any game we've covered and compare our opinion with that of other critics. Well, almost any game, as some of our reviews weren't transferred over if they covered games that weren't covered by other outlets. Not to fear, because if we cover a game that no one else does going forward (like our review of Wanda), it will now create a new game page for that game on the site. Take note that some of our oldest reviews used a slightly different scale than the one we currently use, which will make their scores look a bit odd in a modern context.

I would like to include a quick note regarding our review policy and how it gels with OpenCritic's current system. As you should already know, one of the things we pride ourselves on here at TechRaptor is that we are not limited in our scoring. We use the entire range from top to bottom, and average games score a 5/10. OpenCritic's current way of organizing reviews puts our 5s and 6s in their "Weak" category, even though those would be considered Average and Good on our site. There is no perfect system for summarizing the many review scales of critical outlets so these discrepancies will happen, but it's worth taking note of.

Everyone on staff would like to extend their thanks, both to OpenCritic for including us and to every reader who has contributed to our growth and gotten us closer to our goals. TechRaptor is a site filled with people passionate about games and we couldn't be more excited to be able to share our views on new releases with the greater gaming community. We will continue to strive to be a destination when it comes to gaming news, reviews, and opinion.

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