March's Theme Week - Bullet Points

Published: March 21, 2016 12:55 PM /


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For about two months now we have been running an article series entitled "Bullet Points" on Thursdays. This month, to highlight that relatively new series, we thought we'd devote a whole week of articles to it. So, expect at least on  Bullet Points article each day this whole week.

The only guiding principle for a Bullet Points article is that it must discuss a singular feature that is unique to whatever game is being discussed. Now, that doesn't mean it's an entirely new mechanic seen for the first time in that game, but it could be something that's a nice twist on something we've seen previously.

Some of our previous Bullet Points articles have discussed the narrator in a game, a setting, and one's level design. So it is not just limited to some game mechanic either, but it is that one thing (or one of the things) that makes that game unique from everything else out there. 

Hopefully, we all will learn a little something about a game we never played before, or we will think about something in a game we know and love a little bit different. I hope you enjoy.

Below will be a list of all the Bullet Points articles published this week.

Bullet Points: Hellgate London’s Icon Minigame by Todd Wohling

Bullet Points – The Division’s Dark Zone by Chris Anderson

Bullet Points – Halo: Combat Evolved’s Arsenal by Alex Santa Maria

Bullet Points: Mass Effect’s Dialogue Wheel by Robert Grosso

Do you have any ideas for future Theme Weeks here at TechRaptor? What would be a good Bullet Points subject?