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Scott is a freelance writer. He’s been playing games longer than he can remember, from playing Crash Bandicoot 3 on the PS1 back in the 90’s all the way to the current day where he still can't let go of how good the PS1 was.

Scott’s been writing on and off over the years, having a diploma in journalism, however he decided to plunge fully into games journalism in 2022. While he loves a good story in a game (being a huge fan of Metal Gear and Yakuza). Scott loves games that offer mechanical depth with space for player expression more than anything. That being said though Scott will give any game a chance and loves a broad range of games.

Outside of gaming Scott is an overbearing dog dad and an avid collector of vinyl records ranging from the classics to video game OST’s.  You can find him posting photos of his dog and screaming about God Hand to anyone who will listen on twitter.

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