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New Downloadable Adult Clicker Fap Titans Now Available on Nutaku

June 17, 2017

By: Alexandria Brown

A new sexy clicker game has launched on Nutaku after a successful pre-registration period. The downloadable game is called Fap Titans and will have players going on sexy adventures in this action adventure RPG. The title is available to download and play for free now for gamers 18 and up.

Fap Titans
Beat up on ugly monsters with your clicking prowess.


In Fap Titans players will be able to enact their fantasies of becoming a hero, slaying monsters and getting the girl. In a world overrun by monsters, it’s up to you to recruit warriors to fend them off and keep the kingdom safe. Of course, the best warriors just happen to also be the most provocative with talents in the bedroom and the battlefield. When not fighting monsters you’ll be able to experience NSFW animated sex scenes.

Players will “fap” or click their way through hundreds of levels as they explore the many realms of Fap Land.  As you prove your skills against terrible monsters you can also toughen up your horde of lady fighters by taking off their clothes. Everyone knows the more revealing a female’s armor the higher level it is. As they level up their DPS will increase.


You can also join a guild to compete against other leaders and fill it with arcane knowledge. You can even keep fighting and earning money when you’re away from keyboard by summoning warriors and heroes to fight foes without your clicking guidance. The game includes unlockable achievements and has easily accessible gaming statistics.

This naughty action adventure RPG combines classic clicker gameplay with the erotic adult content Nutaku is known for. Recruit the sexiest warriors to fight the ugliest warriors and become the Titan. You can download Fap Titans for free on Nutaku.net now and get clicking - just not at work.


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