Negligee, a Lingerie Store Managment Simulator Released

October 17, 2016

By: Alexandria Brown

A new sexy game is now available on Nutaku called Negligee. Players will run a high-end lingerie store in this yuri shop management sim from Dharker Studio. Manage both your love life and the store in this mature new visual novel.


The game follows Hannah, an ambitious new manager of a lingerie boutique. She’ll be in charge of making smart business decisions for the store such as hiring and firing that will affect the business. Making good choices will spell success for the store and her career, but bad calls can put the shop in financial ruin.

In addition to simulating running a boutique, Negligee will also include a story full of potential passion and heartbreak, depending on what decisions you make. Potential love interests include: confident bi-sexual Sophie, sporty and shy Charlotte, fun loving store owner Emily and dancer Jasmin. The game includes animated adult scenes and a gallery of titillating CG scenes to unlock.

Negligee brings a fresh new level of quality to the western indie visual novel scene.” said AJ Tilley, founder of Dharker Studio. “It’s a story of love and lingerie that revolves around player choice, with meaningfully different outcomes dependent upon your decisions. It’s the sort of well-written and carefully crafted game that we know players will enjoy.”
Featuring branching storylines for players to experience, Negligee includes 11 different possible endings. The game has 1080p resolution and full-screen options to display the cute CG character and background art.

What qualities should you look for in a new employee?

This is one of five titles from Dharker Studio that were funded by fans in a 2016 Kickstarter campaign. The studio has developed and published adult visual novels in a variety of genres, many of which can be found on Nutaku. Their most recent release, Negligee, is now available DRM free for PC on Nutaku (Affiliate, and NSFW) for $13.00.