Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Revealed

Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Revealed

Today, Take-Two Interactive Software announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold 33 million copies since its release in September. In total, it’s expected that all of Rockstar’s projects, including GTA 5, will account for 45% of Take-Two’s total revenue for the fiscal year.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the biggest entertainment release in history, posting sales of 1 billion USD in 3 days. CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that strong sales of downloadable content were helping to increase revenue streams. According to Take-Two President Karl Slatoff, Rockstar will continue to enhance Grand Theft Auto Online as a continuing revenue stream.

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  • andy

    Wow and not one is mine, GTA IV was just too bad. Now stop making pointless updates to the online mode for the FIFA/COD mainstream, Rockstar, and get working on Bully 2, thanks.

    • Yeah

      So you didn’t buy the game, but you know the updates for online are pointless? While the online does suck, in my opinion, the story mode was amazing. Also, I’m sure they are brokenhearted that you are not one of the 33 million that bought the game. You better be careful, you might put them out of business.

      • Jan Compaf

        The online mode has way more content than the story mode, after you finished story mode there is NOTHING worth repeating AND you are ALONE.
        Story mode is for people who dont have internet or are not competitive enough to play against other people.
        The ONLINE is the best in this game tough, you have coop missions and DM,TDM,CTF, Survival, air/road/water races, all these above with friends or other people AND if you dont like these you can create your own stuff, what have you been smoking?

        • Can Jompaf

          Clearly, you’re an idiot. The online sucks ass. “Story mode is for people who don’t have internet or are not competitive enough to play against other people”. Once again, clearly, you’re an idiot. Also, I bet you suck ass at GTA Online. Competitive GTA Online? Haha that’s a joke, since nobody plays TDM. I bet you’re type of loser that kills people while they’re on missions. Since, you’re talking about competitiveness, what’s your K/D online bro? I shouldn’t have to ask, because more than likely, it’s terrible.

          • Jan Compaf

            how old are you?

          • Can Jompaf

            1,485 years old. I’m obviously talking to someone talks like a retard. How old are you?

        • Dynamite

          I bought the game for the story mode and to play GTA Online with friends. GTA IV TDM was a blast with friends, so the 6 of us that bought it, to play together were pumped to play it, with the added co-op missions as a bonus. I can count on two hands how many TDMs I played, the last one I played, probably a month after the game came out, was me vs. two low level players. After that, I couldn’t find any TDM games, so I pretty much knew people moved onto playing missions. My friends and I played missions, but like normal people, that hate repetition, stared getting tired of doing the same boring ass missions that kept popping up, this is after we would alternate between calling Lester, Simeon, Gerald, Ron, Martin, etc. We did keep playing, after we got tired of the same shit, but then the patch came out that halved the payouts. So doing the same boring ass missions, is not for everybody, TDM was fun yet I couldn’t find games, and I’m not interested in races. Water/Air I could give two shits about, and I didn’t buy GTA to race cars, I would have bought NFS, Forza, or Gran Turismo for that.

          • Jan Compaf

            if you and your 6 friends bought GTA5 how come you dont play togheter?
            you can quick join anything
            and if you want people to play TDM or anything you and your friends need to have more friends that play GTA5 because everyone is linked when you set auto-invite
            it sends invite to your friends and to your friend friends and so on
            if you are a private little club it wont work
            GTA5 matchmaking is not that great but dont let that stop you
            if you really want something you go for it

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          Agreed, this game has INFINITE replay value, I for one dont even need to make too manh races of my own because of all the great rockstar verified races / deatbmatches out there…and they keep adding new ones. Online is endless fun with Creator mode too…really dont understand how ppl can get “bored” of GTA online unless they dont like racing/shooting and dont have an imagination. My friends have made AWESOME destruction derby deathmatches in a parking lot, RPG deathmatches across the interstate, etc…heck most of the time we just drive around f’ing around with the huge game world..imagination / creativity leads to FUN.

          • Jan Compaf

            indeed most ppl lack imagination

          • Butts

            Dude, what the hell are you talking about? I swear, these days, dumb people keep putting up a front that they’re smart…

  • truthistruth01