Weekly Rewind | April 26th 2021 |Playstation Vita Store Is Saved, XCloud On iOS, & More!

Published: April 26, 2021 10:00 AM /



Howdy everybody! 

Before we get into the next week, let's all take a look back on everything important that happened last week, such as XCloud coming to the best operating system and the origins of what may be one of the rarest Nintendo Switch games.



Playstation Store Will Stay Online For PS3 and Vita

XCloud Is Finally Coming To iOS

Super Seducer Switch Is Releasing As An NFT


Sony Might Be About To Make Video Content Part Of PlayStation Plus

Stuff You Should Read

Here's a few features and articles from last week that I think you should checkout. Reading is good for your brain anyways, so think of it as a gift from your good friends at TechRaptor.

Judgement next gen difference


What Nintendo 99 game do we want next 

Why Shovelware's Existence is Needed in the Gaming Industry