Weekly Rewind | April 18th 2021 | Nintendo Labo Is Donezo, A Persona Mobile Game, & More!

04/18/2021 - 16:23 | By: Nick Maillet

In this week's rebooted Weekly Rewind, we get into the possible cancellation of that Nintendo cardboard game everyone loves, the new Persona Mobile game that's coming to China, and why the Super Seducer saga is not coming to the Switch. I also recommend some features that I think you should read since, let's face it, you've got plenty of time to burn while Outriders tries to find an online party anyways.


It Looks Like Nintendo Labo Might Be Dead

Square Enix Shoots Down Acquisition Rumors

The PlayStation 5 Is Now The Fastest-Selling Console In US History


Super Seducer Nintendo Switch Release Canceled

Persona Mobile Game 'Code Name: X' is Coming to China

Features You Should Read:

The Troubled Release of Cooking Mama: Cookstar

How Animal Crossing Ushered in the Age of Endless Games

PlayStation is Losing its Roots

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