The Walking Dead: Onslaught - Video Review

10/31/2020 - 10:00 | By: George Glynn

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Release Date
September 29, 2020
PC, PlayStation 4
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Steam PlayStation Store
Plenty Of Guts - Not Much Brains

The Walking Dead Onslaught has some big boots to fill after it’s sister Virtual Reality game, Saints And Sinners, ended up becoming a defining title for the potential of VR gaming. Whilst Saints and Sinners told a story separate from any existing Walking Dead canon, one of the key differences that allows Onslaught to stand independent of this comparison is it’s close ties to the AMC TV show, giving players the opportunity to step into the shoes of Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol, as they blitz through a much more arcadey, action-oriented story taking place between the eighth and ninth seasons. Despite the potential of this premise, Onslaught’s narrative doesn’t go anywhere remotely interesting, and to compare its sporadic, thinly stretched story to a wild goose chase would be a disservice to the agility and wit of a goose.

Though, it must be said, grabbing zombies by their neck and ramming a machete down their throats remains one of the most satisfying experiences to be had in VR - even if Onslaught does milk it a bit.

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