Torchlight 3 Forts Revealed In New Video

04/23/2020 - 12:12 | By: Don Parsons
Echtra Games
A Ton of Possibilities

In the first two Torchlight games there were towns you'd visit and places that served as your hub. Your home between adventures, where you'd shop, upgrade and gamble away your hard-earned money and dispose of unneeded loot. With Torchlight III, you'll have control of the hub to an unprecedented degree in the series, as you are able to choose what you want the fort to focus on - knowledge, peace, combat, or whatever you decide.

You'll also be able to decorate your fort with what you find and craft throughout the world, so your fort will be unique. As you explore, you will come across other players forts at points and can make use of them, as players can with yours. Learn more about Torchlight 3 Forts in the most recent developer's log here

Torchlight 3 is in development for PC and will release in 2020, with console versions to follow.

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