Rune II Video Review

December 13, 2019 - 11:00

By: Sam Gowing


No reviewer should approach a game with preconceptions. That being said, it’s hard to stay impartial when Rune II is released on November 12 only for its developer, Human Head Studios, to close its doors on November 13. The collapse of Human Head Studios was even a shock to Rune II’s publisher, who are now frantically trying to assemble a new team to look after the game post-launch.

So, the question I’m sure you’re asking is this: is Rune II really so bad that it caused the developer to close down just 24 hours after its release?


We will never know the answer, of course. Human Head Studios cited “economic realities” as the reason for its closure. What we do know is that Rune II feels at best, unpolished and at worst, unfinished.

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