Loot Gaming October 2020 Review

Published: November 17, 2020 11:30 AM /



When Loot Crate reached out to us to review their gaming focused “Loot Gaming” box I was skeptical at first.  As someone who subscribed to the original Loot Crate way back in 2013, I found myself becoming less interested as time went on. Since then Loot Crate has grown to include more niche boxes and Loot Gaming seemed more up my alley and I’m happy to say that not only did it meet my expectations, but Loot Gaming has exceeded them. 

Lootgaming 2020 Review


Unlike most themed boxes, Loot Gaming has a more nuanced approach to its theming. While the box itself lacks a stylish design like the more specific ones you can find for Destiny and Fallout. The items found in the box are significantly higher quality and more useful than what you would find in past Loot Crates. This month I received 6 items from the "Boo!" themed crate, that were reported to have a combined “$50+ Value”. While I normally disagree with these sort of statements, I actually believe it for this blind box simply due to the fact that everything I received had a practical use to it outside of being a desk ornament. In the video above you can watch a full unboxing as well as my impressions on everything in this months Loot Gaming box.

What’s In The Box?

This months box contained 6 items:

  • Wolfenstein The New Order Panzerhund Vinyl Figure
  • Fallout NukaCola Cherry Scented Air Freshiners
  • Prey Themed Mousepad
  • Fallout Nuka Cola Socks
  • Lootcrate Exclusive Grim Reaper Enamel Pin
  • Dark Souls Valet Tray
  • QR Code With A Breakdown Of Everything In The Box
Lootcrate BOO! Oct 2020
Get married in those socks


While this months crate didn’t have anything large in it such as a T-shirt or full sized figure like past boxes have had, the simple fact that everything in here serves a purpose (the air freshener smells really good) and is of a much higher quality than what was found in old Loot Crates, definitely makes this subscription box worth looking into. And with the holidays around the corner, a Loot Gaming box could make for a pretty fun gift idea.

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TechRaptor was provided with a Loot Gaming box for review from Loot Crate. 

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