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Published: January 30, 2020 10:00 AM /



You’ve heard the premise of Journey to the Savage Planet before: humanity travels to the far reaches of space to discover weird and wonderful things. It’s a tried and tested science fiction formula, but in 2020 you’re going to need something unique to stand out from the crowd. In the past 3 months alone, No Man’s Sky has continued to grow and The Outer Worlds served up its own colorful corner of the universe.

If No Man’s Sky offers unbridled exploration and The Outer Worlds is Fallout’s younger, funnier brother, Journey to the Savage Planet wraps all of the above in a neat and unashamedly satirical package. It’s equal parts a game about discovery and finding out how odd and gross all those discoveries are.


Journey to the Savage Planet Review Whip
If nothing else, you gotta love a space grapple

You’re the newest recruit of Kindred Aerospace’s Pioneer Program, the “4th-best interstellar exploration company” in the cosmos - over-eager CEO, Martin Tweed is keen to remind you of that. The Pioneer Program shoots explorers into the galaxy in search of potentially habitable planets. Your job is to log each world’s animal and plant life and look for potential threats. As the game’s title suggests, your designated planet - AR-Y26 - might not be the most hospitable. So, you’ll also have to fight off anything that’s overly aggressive.

Typhoon Studios has crafted an alien world that’s thriving with life and built a story that relishes destroying everything in it. Some collectibles may be a step too far - I collected just 32 out of 100 alien goops and felt suitably equipped to deal with enemies - and there are no hints to help you out with field research. If you’re willing to go for 100% completion, though, Journey to the Savage Planet will take you some 12 to 15 hours, which isn’t bad for the game’s $30 price tag. It might not be a grand space epic, but it’s an enjoyable frolic in one peculiar little corner of space.

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TechRaptor reviewed Journey to the Savage Planet on PC via Epic Games Store with a copy provided by the developer.