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Scary Games To Play

6 Scary Games You Should Play

Happy Halloween! Here's 6 games we think you should play if you wanna raise your blood pressure a bit.

Kingdom Death Monster Creation

Creating A Monster - How Kingdom Death Monsters Are Designed

At Gen Con 2019 we met up with Adam and, rather than simply asking questions, we decided to switch things up a bit and have Adam give us a short gl

Driveclub 2019

What Happened To Driveclub | Is It Worth Playing In 2019

Nick breaks down what happened to the game that at one time was set up to be one of Sonys premiere AAA franchises.  Whatever happened to DRIVECLUB

1886 Worth Playing

Is The Order 1886 Still Worth Playing?

Nick spends about 13 minutes talking about why this relatively short game from 2015 is still worth checking out years after its troubling release w

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami | Retrospective Look

On its 5th Anniversary Max takes a look back at what made Hotline Miami so great.

DK Country

Weird VHS From The 90's | Donkey Kong Country Exposed

Remember that SNES Donkey Kong VHS tape you or some of your friends got in the mail?  Did you every wonder where that came from or what it was all

FF7 Anniversary

Final Fantasy 7 - 20 Years Later

It's no surprise that we have a number of staff members that count Final Fantasy VII as one of their favorite games of all time.

Great Atmospheric Games

6 Atmospheric Games you should play

If you're looking for some great Atmospheric Games - we've put together a list of games to play if you're looking for some good vibes.

TechRaptor's Best of 2018

The Best Games Of 2018 Staff & Reader Picks

Take a look at all the games we gave rewards to in our 2018 Game of the Year awards!