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worst legendary pokemon

Legendary Pokemon can certainly be grand, but their often unique design can be risky. Here's what we think are the worst Legendary Pokemon.

best legendary pokemon

In all of our talk about Pokemon designs, we haven't touched the legendaries yet. That changes now as we look at the best legendary Pokemon in the

Best Worst Gen8

The designs for Pokemon Sword and Shield are pretty good, but there are some that are still off. Which are the best, and which are the worst?

Pokemon Sword Shield

While streamlining systems and providing many quality of life updates, Sword and Shield's technical, graphical and narrative issues weigh it down as

BestWorst Gen 7

The Pokemon found in Pokemon Sun and Moon are pretty neat, and have some solid designs to them. Which are the best, and which are the worst?

Pokemon Sun Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon brought a fresh new look and gameplay elements to the tired franchise, but should have pushed farther. Still, Alola remains the

Best Worst Pokemon Gen 6

Pokemon designs are always the highlight of any Pokemon game, so what did Generation VI give us? Let's look at some of the best, and worst, Pokemon

Title Card

After nearly 15 years, the beloved monster-catching series finally stepped into the third dimension; the boring region and over-serious narrative

Worst Pokemon Design Gen 5

We take a look at the worst designed Pokemon from the fifth generation, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Pokemon Black White

Pokemon Black and White brought the franchise quality of life upgrades, ambitious narrative ideas and some of the worst designs in the series.

DP Cover

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of everyone's favorite monster-catching franchise: Pokemon. Celebrate the big milestone with TechRaptor as we take a

Fire Red Leaf Green Pokemon

Let's take a look at the first remakes of the franchise.

worst pokemon design gen 1

Which are the worst Pokemon of the first generation?

best pokemon gen 1

Which are the best-looking Pokemon of the first generation?