Super Mario 35th Anniversary

35 years ago Super Mario Bros. released and revolutionized gaming as we know it. While not the first appearance of Nintendo's iconic plumber, with this release gaming as we know it would change as the platformer became a dominant genre in gaming in with a title that forms the backbone of much of gaming to this day.

Super Mario Bros 35 Tips

10 Tips On How To Win Super Mario Bros. 35


 Super Mario Bros. 35 is out today on the Nintendo Switch.

Mario jumping across a tropical beach with a jet of water firing from his back.

A Defense of Super Mario Sunshine


Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been out for a few days, and reception has been warmly received all told.

Super Mario 64 Start Screen

The Six Best Courses in Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 is a critical classic, a game that was innovative in its design when released in 1996.

levis super mario

Levi’s Delay Super Mario Collection Due to COVID-19


Clothing brands are starting to enter the gaming market slowly, with prestigious brand Louis Vuitton partnering with Riot Games to add in-game skins to League of Legends characters and lau

Mario leaps to the sky in Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo To Celebrate Super Mario Bros' 35th Anniversary In A Big Way


According to gaming website VGC, Nintendo is planning to celebrate Super Mario Bros' upcoming 35th

Lego Mario jumps on a Lego Goomba

Lego Teams Up With Nintendo For Lego Super Mario


Fans of Lego and Super Mario Maker, your time has come.