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It's tough to be both an indie developer and an indie publisher. Apparently no one told that to Fabraz Company. At Play NYC 2018 they brought a pair

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I need a vacation. I knew I needed a vacation when I took a trip to Play NYC and honestly had a fun time hanging out in the hotel room relaxing and

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Animation and art style can do a ton to bolster a game. One game I saw at Play NYC 2018 was Scrap Bringer, a top-down action beat 'em up that really

cell to singularity - monkey

Cells to Singularity was a game at Play NYC that I happened upon purely by chance.

hero - tales of the tomes - three heroes

Play NYC had a lot more tabletop games this year than in its inaugural year.

treasure adventure world - players at play nyc 2018

Treasure Adventure World is a game I first heard about earlier in 2018.

chef umami - noms

Chef Umami is in a class of games that I had seen at previous Playcrafting events but didn't have the time to check out.

esc games - borough gods play nyc 2018

ESC Games is a company that I first learned about after 2017's Playcrafting Bit Awards.

sumer - played at play nyc 2018

Sumer is a title that holds a dear place in my heart for neatly combining tabletop games and video games into one fun package.

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Play NYC 2018 had over a hundred developers and nearly twice as many games.

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Physics based survival games aren't exactly a new concept. However, there's a joy in growing your own eco system.

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If you haven't seen our best of Play NYC article yet, one of the games chosen for this was Jupiter & Mars.

galactose - pastries in space - pie bomber

It's been two-and-a-half years since I first wrote about Galac

saturday morning games - box

I first met Saturday Morning Games developer James Seetal at Play NYC 2017 where he was showing off his ga

kaedama - a ramen story - board angle

Like most Americans, I had my fair share of "Chinese food" growing up. Granted, a lot of it is wildly different than what you'd actually see in Asia

the best of play nyc 2018

Play NYC 2018 has passed, and four of us checked it out.

cede gameplay

While wandering the show floor at Play NYC, many games caught my eye. Cede was one such game. It had a unique style that really made it stand out.

origin of storms - airborn

Origin of Storms was one of a handful of fighting games at Play NYC 2018. I checked it out on Sunday morning, winning a decent victory against a

punch planet - cid & roy

On the second day of Play NYC, I was up on the second-floor balcony checking out the dozens of games jam-packed into one tiny area.

haiduc - llc

Tucked away on the third floor of the Manhattan Center was Haiduc, a card game created by Haiduc LLC where players are trying to build a backstory

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This year at PlayNYC I got to see plenty of games that did weird things. However, a game that took Tweets, mixed them up, and asked you to unscramble

the worst grim reaper - hospital

The Worst Grim Reaper is a game developed by Moon Moon Moon that I was certainly interested in checking out at Play NYC 2018.

alpaca games play nyc llama express

Who would have thought feeding Llamas would be so relaxing.

127 bpm - dancing

The second-ever Play NYC had six "Graffiti Games" on display in the opera boxes of the Manhattan Center.

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Amongst the sea of games showcased at Play NYC, Razbury Games From Rust is perhaps the biggest tone shift from a previous work.

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Saturday Morning Games was one of a handful of tabletop titles that made its debut at the inaugural Play NYC in 2017.

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Play NYC is a gaming-focused convention based in the Manhattan Borough of New York City, NY.

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Play NYC, a gaming convention run by Playcrafting with a strong focus on indie games, will be happening on the weekend of

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The world of gaming conventions grows ever larger, and for the longest time there was a distinct void in the New York City area.