Play NYC 2018

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Platforming Perfection and Competitive Glee: A Chat with Fabraz Company


It's tough to be both an indie developer and an indie publisher. Apparently no one told that to Fabraz Company. At Play NYC 2018 they brought a pair of games with them.

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Making Meat Beats For Meat Mechs: A Chat with Extreme Meatpunks Forever's Composer


I have a real love for the little games you see on

0°N 0°W

The Non-Fiction Behind Colorfiction's Virtual Vacation Simulator 0°N 0°W


I need a vacation. I knew I needed a vacation when I took a trip to Play NYC and honestly had a fun time hanging out in the hotel room relaxing and eating weird things from the 7-Eleven next door.

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Meet Walking Sign Golems and Traffic Knights in Scrap Bringer


Animation and art style can do a ton to bolster a game. One game I saw at Play NYC 2018 was Scrap Bringer, a top-down action beat 'em up that really caught my eye.

cell to singularity - monkey

Journey Through Evolution In Cells To Singularity


Cells to Singularity was a game at Play NYC that I happened upon purely by chance.

hero - tales of the tomes - three heroes

Crowdfunding Spotlight - Hero: Tales of the Tomes


Play NYC had a lot more tabletop games this year than in its inaugural year.

treasure adventure world - players at play nyc 2018

Treasure Adventure World Looking To The Future


Treasure Adventure World is a game I first heard about earlier in 2018.

chef umami - noms

Hands-On With The Delicious Delights Of Chef Umami


Chef Umami is in a class of games that I had seen at previous Playcrafting events but didn't have the time to check out.

esc games - borough gods play nyc 2018

ESC Games Brings Great Entertainment To Big Events


ESC Games is a company that I first learned about after 2017's Playcrafting Bit Awards.

sumer - played at play nyc 2018

Sumer Sees Success On Switch While Development Continues


Sumer is a title that holds a dear place in my heart for neatly combining tabletop games and video games into one fun package.