Gen Con 2014

Gen Con 2014

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Every year after any major convention I always run into a couple of people disappointed with the way they spent their time. They didn't get to demo most of the things they wanted, or it was too late

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The expo floor at GenCon was huge, with a ton of great games and things to check out, and we wanted to make sure we highlighted the ones that we found especially fun and interesting. One of those was


One of the things that seems to be gradually growing in tabletop gaming is the leveraging of technology as a major part of experience . With games such as X-COM (Fantasy Flight Games), software

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Gale Force Nine has made a name for themselves by making games from material others might be afraid to tackle. At Gencon 2014 we got to sit down with CEO and founder of Gale Force Nine, John

The Witcher Adventure Game

Once in a long while, we get introduced to something special. A board game so magnificent, so daring, so eloquent in execution that we can only fall to our knees and weep at the beauty laid before us

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LM Studios has a Kickstarter all of us on the NerdyRaptor team are excited about. It’s for their debut game: Super Turbo bit Crawl FX: Alpha Extreme. The game is a dungeon crawler combined with the

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Time can seem to stand still  for some players in the turn based combat we’ve come to associate with JRPGs, but when we got an opportunity at Indy PopCon to play LM Studios’s Super Turbo bit Crawl FX