Game Preservation

Game Preservation

Resistance:Burning Skies

The pitch for Resistance: Burning Skies has leaked, leading to some fascinating info. For example, it was pitched on October 19, 2009 as Resistance: Homefront, 2.5 years before it was released on the

Ocarina of Time Spaceworld 97 Demo Mod

A few months back, the discovery of several beta maps and assets for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from the Forest of Illusion team sparked a renewed interest in the history and development of

Ness standing outside his house in EarthBound.

A former Nintendo of America employee has discovered some raw scripting files from when he worked on the classic SNES RPG EarthBound. These files, donated to the Video Game History Foundation, gives

A celebration image for the 18th birthday of Toontown.

Toontown Online, one of the oldest kid-friendly MMOs, has just turned 18 years old. To celebrate, the team behind the Toontown Rewritten private server have announced a massive preservation project

PS4, Xbox One, PS5 UI

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are celebrating their fifth month on the market right now. While the consoles have sold incredibly well according to sales reports released so far, there are still

Play Has Limits Game Preservation

The recent rumors regarding the closure of Sony’s digital stores for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita was no doubt shocking, yet not surprising. After all, on the

Tetris and other things on display at the Strong National Museum of Play

Avid gamers know how important video-game preservation is. So often it’s difficult to (legally) get our hands on a title because the hardware is outdated, or the original game has been region locked

OOT Link Zelda Key Art

Last time, we went into the exhaustive development of Stage 3 of Zelda 64, at this point now officially called Ocarina of Time in development. From it, child Link was introduced, story beats were

OOT Cast Key Art

Last time, we looked into the exhaustive development of Zelda 64 through Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the game's life, going into the limitations of the 64DD, the growing press buzz, and the beginnings of