Game Preservation

3D Challenge Tech Demo

3D Challenge, An Unreleased 3DS Tech Demo, Released Online


It is another bit of Nintendo history that has been uncovered and posted onto the internet, with Nintendo prototype 3D Challenge.

Twitch Black Logo

New DMCA's from Twitch Destroy Streamers Archives


In a massive blow to both preservation of game content and streaming archives, new Twitch rules have resulted in the deletion for hundreds of streamers for their archived content, in what Twitch is

Warhawk Online Servers PS3

Fans Are Reviving PlayStation 3 Servers, Starting with Warhawk


Not a lot of people may remember Warhawk, a rather niche multiplayer PS3 exclusive title.

Nintendo Leak Metroid Master Disk Card

Nintendo Employee Advocated For Use of Emulators in Testing Games Found In Leak


The Nintendo Gigaleak continues, but this time we go some interesting tidbits of Nintendo History to sift through, and in one case, a Nintendo employee pushing the company to use ROMs.

Pokemon Capsule Monsters Docs

Game Freak Preserving Pokemon Documents by Digitizing Them


If there is one company in the gaming world that always generates interest in their inner workings, it is Game Freak, the creators of the Pokemon franchise.

NVM Doom 2

National Videogame Museum Goes Virtual in Doom 2


The National Videogame Museum has gone virtual in one of the most gamer ways possible, with a little help from Doom 2

Ziggurat Interactive Header

Ziggurat Interactive Aims to Move Retro Gaming Forward


More than any other medium, games have struggled to preserve its past.

SimCity SimRefinery cover

Simcity Developer Maxis Once Made Games For Businesses


Roughly 30 years ago, SimCity was making waves as a fun new simulation game. Players could build out an entire city and watch it spring to life — or die a horrible, fiery death.

Terraria: Otherworld open source petition cover.jpg

Terraria: Otherworld Open Source Petition Gets Response from Developer


A lot of people are keeping their eyes on Terraria, but a Terraria: Otherworld open source petition is focused on something else entirely — getting a canceled game released to the

traffic safety game

Lost Traffic Safety Game Uncovered for SEGA Master System


A lost traffic safety game for the SEGA Master System has been recovered by SMS Power!, a game community dedicated to preserving 8-bit SEGA games.