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The PlayStation Plus logo and branding

Sony has confirmed that it will be bringing NTSC versions of its PlayStation Plus Premium Classics lineup to PAL regions. The company says regions

OpenOcarina The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time PC Port cover

A new Ocarina of Time PC port has finally launched. OpenOcarina is here and you can get it right now, but you won't quite be able to just download

Dolphin Emulator Steam Deck cover

A Dolphin Emulator Steam Deck release has been teased by the developers of the popular emulation software for Nintendo Wii and GameCube. Valve's

A screenshot of Fight Night Round 2, which made use of a SNES emulator in the GameCube version.

Swedish programmer Johannes Holmberg has been tinkering with the 2005 Electronic Arts game Fight Night Round 2 in order to reverse-engineer the

pico's unloaded ruffle mobile 1920x1080

Newgrounds announced last Friday plans to preserve Flash content on the web. Used for everything from animations to games, Flash had a considerable


Famous open-source software Retroarch will be making its way to Steam for the first time later this month. Retroarch is a freely available piece of

nintendo switch online services

Last year with the launch of Nintendo Switch online a collection of NES games became playable as part of the package. While many of these NES games

console modding save game editors japan

Console modding and save game editors are now illegal in Japan. A recent change to the "Unfair Competition Prevention Law" (不正競争防止法) has added three


Haterz get mad, because Soulja Boy is in the video game console business with his new Soulja Game Console and SouljaGame Handheld. The SouljaGame

nintendo switch homebrew launcher

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The Nintendo Switch has been hacked through an exploit in the games hardware, and now homebrewers are

win 2 home screen

Shenzhen-based GamePad Digital has announced the palmtop "GPD Win 2" portable gaming system, set to cost $699 and release sometime in 2018. The


In a series of events beginning yesterday with PS3 Emulator RPCS3 removing all mentions of Atlus' RPG Persona 5 from their website and patreon,

Xbox One X Header

The Xbox E3 conference this year had several big announcements, including the plans to provide backwards compatibility for original Xbox titles. One

Dolphin Emulator

Have you ever wanted to enter your credit card information into an emulator? In Dolphin Emulator's newest update, now you can. With the new update to

Primal Rage 2 Character Screen

Primal Rage 2, the cancelled sequel to the 1994 fighting game Primal Rage, has finally been made playable on emulation. The game, originally

Demon's Souls

In what can only be considered as an astounding technical achievement, Demon's Souls is now playable on the RPSC3 emulator, a feat that was

retropie cover

March 5th Update: RetroGamingConsole.com responded to us, saying they are in the process of transferring the trademark to RetroPie. RetroPie

SNES Preservation Project

Update: The USPS has delivered the package's wrapper along with a form letter instructing byuu how to better prevent damage to future shipments. Byuu


An N64 emulator appeared on the Xbox One Store on Sunday, and it only took two days for Microsoft to remove the app from the console's marketplace.


September 9th, 1995 marks the release of the original Playstation in North America and Sony is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of its

Dark Cloud

In late November, Sony confirmed that Playstation 4 would indeed be receiving the ability to emulate Playstation 2 games in the future. Little was


Sony has confirmed that it is working on bringing Playstation 2 titles to the Playstation 4 using emulation technology. First reported by Digital

megaman logo

I started playing a Megaman game for the first time. Before you start making sarcastic comments about how I should try Pong next, you have to note

Fire Emblem

People have accused Nintendo for years of making the same game over and over again, and they do rely a lot on the same brands. One thing Nintendo do

Game Boy Advanced

Nintendo may soon be bringing classic games to mobile devices everywhere a newly filed patent at the United States Patent Office reveals. The patent