pico's unloaded ruffle mobile 1920x1080

Newgrounds Working on Open-Source Emulator to Preserve Flash Content


Newgrounds announced last Friday plans to preserve Flash content on the web.


Retroarch Is Bringing High Quality Emulation To Steam This Month


Famous open-source software Retroarch will be making its way to Steam for the first time later this month.

nintendo switch online services

SNES Games and More May Be Coming To Switch Online Service


Last year with the launch of Nintendo Switch online a collection of NES games became playable as part of the package.

console modding save game editors japan

Console Modding and Save Game Editors Now Illegal in Japan


Console modding and save game editors are now illegal in Japan.


Soulja Boy Cranks it with the Release of Two SouljaGame Consoles


Haterz get mad, because Soulja Boy is in the video game console business with his new Soulja Game Console and SouljaGame Handheld.

nintendo switch homebrew launcher

Nintendo Switch Now Running Emulated N64 and Gamecube Games


It was bound to happen sooner or later.

win 2 home screen

GPD Win 2 Announced, Costs $699 and Releasing in 2018


Shenzhen-based GamePad Digital has announced the palmtop "GPD Win 2" portable gaming system, set to cost $699 and release sometime in 2018.


Atlus Attempts to Shut Down PS3 Emulator Patreon


In a series of events beginning yesterday with PS3 Emulator RPCS3 removing all mentions of Atlus' RPG Persona 5 from their website and patreon, information has emerged as to why that happe

Xbox One X Header

E3 2017 - Phil Spencer Wants to Bring Xbox Emulation to PC


The Xbox E3 conference this year had several big announcements, including the plans to p

Dolphin Emulator

Wii Shop Channel Now Works on Dolphin Emulator


Have you ever wanted to enter your credit card information into an emulator?