Indie developer and publisher Item42 took advantage of The Escapist Indie Showcase to reveal their latest project, Perish. The title pits you up against hordes of thousands of restless souls together

Of Bird and Cage

Video games are a very freeing medium. You can create a traditional gameplay-focused romp, tell a story with big consequences, or do anything in between. The folks at  Capricia Productions have

ProtoCorgi header

If you ever wanted to fly around as a dog while shooting bullets, missiles, and unleashing special bark powers, you'll have the opportunity to do just that this November.  ProtoCorgi is a retro-

Windbound campfire

Right at the start of the Escapist Indie Showcase today, a new gameplay trailer for Windbound was revealed. It looks very similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, even having a hang-glide

Xbox E3 2020 Ubisoft E3 2020 cover

The Xbox E3 2020 and Ubisoft E3 2020 conferences are going to be all-digital experiences. In light of the cancellation of this year's show, two of gaming's biggest publishers have come out to say

E3 Logo LA Convention Center

It seems that the inevitable has come to pass. After a turbulent year that saw the doxing of journalists, a falling out with business partners and other high profile departures, the widespread threat

e3 esa leak

The private information of over 2,000 E3 2019 attendees who had a media badge has leaked online. The owners of E3, the Entertainment Software Association, had a page on their website linking to a

xbox game pass coming to pc

Microsoft dropped a bevy of Xbox Game Pass info at E3 just over a week ago, but that isn’t it for news on the service in June. Xbox has announced four new games coming to Xbox Game Pass before the

catherine full body rin

Back in 2011, Sega threw a quirky curveball at everyone called Catherine. Now, eight years later, Sega’s back at it with Catherine: Full Body. This new title tells an upgraded version of the original