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A series of games with DLC available and the Denuvo logo overlaid on them

There's a new Denuvo DLC DRM protocol in town. SecureDLC is aimed at freemium developers and Denuvo anti-tamper users, and it wants to stop DLC piracy.

The top of an Xbox Series X console

Despite Xbox claiming that Microsoft server outages this weekend had been fixed, gamers are still reporting problems with accessing their content.

Dying Light 2 Denuvo DRM cover

The reveal of Dying Light 2 Denuvo DRM less than a week before the game's launch has upset some gamers, resulting in a torrent of complaints.

Tron: Evolution Header.

Recently, there have been a growing number of complaints from PC owners of Tron: Evolut

final fantasy x andx-2 yuna and tidus

Update: A new update from Square Enix has resolved the issue.

fck drm gog

The folks over at GOG are on a righteous crusade.


Arc System Works announced its official guidelines for streaming

tekken 7 denuvo

In an almost unprecedented move, Katsuhiro Harada, the longtime producer and director of the Tekken series, has posted some messages on Twitter addressing recent performance issues that ha


The infamous anti-piracy and anti-cheat company Denuvo

Lost Planet 2 Games for Windows Live

Games for Windows Live has been officially dead for more than three years with, with support for Microsoft's first attempt at a PC gaming platform ending in July of 2014.

mass effect andromeda logo

Mass Effect: Andromeda received patch 1.09 recently, which brought about a bunch of fixes to the ga


According to a post on Russian forum RSDN, Denuvo - creators of one of the currently most prolific anti-piracy software in video gaming - have

2Dark Revolver Hallway

The indie stealth adventure game 2Dark has removed the Denuvo DRM from their

Denuvo Logo

The newest version of the controversial one-stop Digital Rights Management solution Denuvo has already been cracked by crackers.


Anti-piracy solution Denuvo was, until recently, a very viable option to bar pirates from playing illegally downloaded games.

inside game 3

Digital Rights Managment (DRM) is a contentious subject around games, and of the current DRM solutions commonly used, perhaps none is more so than Denuvo's "anti-tamper" technology.

Forza Horizon Feature

Update: If you want to learn more about this situation, we had a

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Based on a translation of a German interview first done by

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PC Gamers and Digital Rights Management, more commonly known as DRM, have rarely gotten along.