Cyber Hunter, a battle royale game developed by Chinese studio NetEase

More than 200 Chinese gaming companies, including the state-backed GPC association and several prominent developers, have pledged to enforce stricter self-regulation following a Beijing crackdown.

A vast empire in the new Tencent Age of Empires mobile game

Tencent is teaming up with Xbox Game Studios to create a brand new Age of Empires mobile game. At present, the game is only planned for a Chinese release, but there's a decent chance that if it does

Art from Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor, one of Tencent's most popular games.

Tencent and other Asian video game companies have taken a sudden dive in their stocks. The reason for this comes from investor speculation flaring up over statements from China's official news agency

Two of the characters in visual novel Mr Love Queen's Choice

Voice actor Jonah Scott has been removed from the Chinese visual novel Mr Love: Queen's Choice over comments he made regarding Taiwan. Scott had referred to Taiwan as a country, a status the Chinese

A rather odd shot from Code: Odyssey, the game being worked on by Umi Game, a studio in which ByteDance now has a stake

TikTok owner ByteDance has purchased a 36% share in Chinese developer Umi Game. The studio is currently working with Epic Games and Spatial OS creator Improbable in order to create an open-world MMO

Champions in League of Legends, a game developed by Tencent-owned Riot Games

Chinese gaming giant Tencent is in talks with a major US security panel over its investments in US gaming companies Epic Games and Riot Games. The committee is concerned about potential national

The ByteDance and Moonton logos

TikTok owner ByteDance has acquired Moonton, the developer of mobile MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Shanghai studio marks the latest in a series of investments made by ByteDance in the gaming

The main character holding a lighter up to some creepy dolls in Devotion

Red Candle Games has announced that first-person horror game Devotion is now available to buy DRM-free via its own storefront. This is the first time the game has been available globally since

A shot of the Chinese sandbox game Tale of Immortal, which was one of the pirated games being sold on Tencent's app

Chinese gaming giant Tencent has apologized for indirectly selling pirated games via its game acceleration app. The app, which allows users to create storefronts and sell software within it, was