kingdom hearts birth by sleep anniversary

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - A 10th Anniversary Retrospective


Kingdom Hearts is known to be a confusing series, not for the faint of heart.

Mario Tennis 20 year anniversary

Mario Tennis Turns 20 - A Look Back at a Classic


I learned tennis from Mario Tennis.

StarCraft ii: Wings of Liberty

“GG, Gratz”: Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty 10th Anniversary


Love, betrayal, and insectoid alien thingies that infest you until you beg for death—StarCraft has everything that gives lasting power to any space opera.

Diablo 2 cover image

Diablo 2 at 20 Years


Diablo 4 is coming. We don't know exactly when to expect it, and many of its details remain mysterious.

The main logo for offbeat JRPG EarthBound

25 Years Of EarthBound


 I was about 75% of the way through EarthBound when I realized I’d equipped my protagonist with a joke weapon.

demon's souls retrospective

Ten Years Of Souls - A Demon's Souls Retrospective


For many gamers, the Souls series needs no introduction.

Fallout 2 GOG Wallpaper

Fallout 2 Turns 20


Say you’re hired by a gang boss to assassinate an important man. You’ve done something like this before in many games.

origin systems

35 Years Of Influence - A Look Back at Origin Systems, Creators of Ultima and More


There was a whole lot going on in the world of computers and games in the years leading up to the founding of Origin Systems in 1983.

20 Years Later, Final Fantasy VII Still Shines Strong

TR Originals

On January 31st 1997, Final Fantasy VII, the Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) from Square Enix, was released for the PlayStation.