big mouth billy bass amazon echo

The nightmare returns: a Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version has been created as reported by the Associated Press. A good portion of our readership is likely fortunate enough to have never been

kingdom hearts 3 preorder

Kingdom Hearts 3 is breaking the keyblade mold for their upcoming conclusion to the Xehanort saga. Releasing the game on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there will be DLC included for the first time

sunset overdrive

Amazon may have leaked the PC release date for Sunset Overdrive. The Amazon page (it has since been taken down, but you can view the archived page here) lists the release date as November 16, 2018,

rpg maker mv artwork

It wouldn't be a day right before E3 if a leak didn't come up right? This leak is for the Nintendo Switch and comes from a listing on the Mexican version of Amazon. The listing showcased RPG Maker MV

twitch prime indie amplifier event header

As Steam continues to leave the doors open to developers big and small, its marketplace has become less and less about discovery. Since Valve's storefront is no longer a golden ticket to success by

Amazon Logo Black

Amazon has announced a new way of securing in-home deliveries that utilizes smartphone technology. Dubbed Amazon Key, it utilizes a smart lock on your front door to selectively allow access to your


Twitch was bought by Amazon three years ago and has largely been a separate entity, aside from the Amazon Prime benefits for Twitch. Today, Twitch has announced "Gear on Amazon," which allows

Amazon Logo Black

One of the better Amazon Prime benefits for gamers has been the fact that if they pre-ordered a game, or purchased it within two weeks of release, they received a 20% discount on all new physical

Net Neutrality Day Fight

Despite months of protests, millions of emails, and hundreds of thousands of calls to United States Congressmen on both sides of the aisle urging them to protect net neutrality, the United States