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Joe Brock – “A CS student studying over at George Mason University, who is interested in pursuing a career within tech and journalism.”

SergeKent – “Born on the early 90s, I’m a Spaniard gamer living in Budapest who had his first videogame experience with Sonic the Hedgehog on a borrowed MegaDrive. After that countless of hours were spent on gaming and I’m eager to be sincere on my gaming opinions and having fun playing with people over the Internet. I am legally bounded to help anyone on medical basis, so If your disease is related with gaming, I will be glad to be your doctor. ”

$10.00 Patreon Pledges

Anonymous – “An anonymous patron with a passion for video games and a desire for better journalism, with the ability to put his money where his mouth is.”

Messanger 14 – “A constant bouncing ball of sunshine, at least that’s what the voices in my head say.”

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